I am Jenna.

I live in New York with my Husband, two kids, and lazy pug-hole.

I work outside of the home as a Police Dispatcher. 

When I am not working or transporting a kid from one end of town to the other I enjoy good books, working out, documentaries and most recently binge watching Naked and Afraid with my Husband. I believe in living a simple life, that less is more; that life should be lived each day with intention and we should live a life that does more than look forward to weekends and vacations.

This blog was started as a place to talk about the books I am reading. I quickly realized I wanted to talk about more than books. I wanted a place to talk about my interests, fears and concerns. I wanted a place to talk about the things that made me both happy and sad. I wanted a space to talk without being interrupted. I wanted a space where I did not feel like I was standing on the outside looking in. I spent a lot of time over the last few years trying to figure out “how to make a successful blog”. Everything said to pick a niche; decide on one thing to talk about. The “professionals” said to become an expert in one thing. Which is all great, but humans are more than one thing. There is not one single thing that defines any of us. So I said fuck it! I’ma do what I wanna do; it’s my name and it’s my space I am paying for.