Meet Jenna

when i’m not telling cops where to go i’m reading, cycling or watching documentaries.


Anyone else struggle with ABOUT ME sections? Like wtf do I write?! I’m not that interesting – I’m a thirtysomething working mother. I had my son at 21, married at 22 and my daughter came along at 24.

i live a simple life. Fancy job titles, cars, homes and vacations do not impress me. Even your perfectly curated social media page is eye roll worthy.

Growing up I read The Babysitters Club and Goosebumps. When life started to slow back down after graduating college, settling into a job, married life and kids, Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey brought me back to reading. (only god can judge me)

I never leave home without my Kindle and a notepad. Social Media is the bain of my existence; I wish I could live without my phone but I can’t – it is way too convenient. Mostly because it is the calculator in my pocket my math teenagers in school said we would never have.

I have been blogging on and off for the last 20-years. I love it until I don’t. I know I shouldn’t let people’s stupidity or immaturity get to me. Honestly, they really just annoy the fuck out of me and it is hard for me to just let it go for the umpteenth time. At this point in my life I can only make sure my kids know and do better, other than that… smile and nod.


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I know as a woman I’m supposed to be afraid of getting older but I love this shit too much. Every year I sink deeper into this bath of unapologetic realness and it’s amazing.