Work with me!

As if I have not announced myself, I am Jenna and I am available for Freelance work! I have a Bachelors Degree in Journalism and an Associates Degree in Communications with a concentration in Media Arts. IMG_2070

If you are in search of a freelance Writer, Reviewer, Proofreader/Editor or Virtual Assistant I would love to offer my services. My pricing is affordable, fair and negotiable – all based on the size of the project and the lifelong commitment you may or may not be looking for.

  • WRITER: I offer blog writing and ghost writing services in addition to general informational pieces. Have an idea but are having a hard time getting the words together, I am here to help! If you are looking for someone to write on a regular basis for you, I am your gal. If you are just looking for something short term, I can also be your gal. I guarantee any ghost writing projects will be 100% your own.
  • BOOK REVIEWS: I will happily review your book for free but please see my Review Policy for specifics.
  • PROOFREADER/EDITOR: Part of my job offline is Quality Control for my department. Which means I have to read, edit and correct official government records for public dissemination should such records ever be requested. Spelling, grammar and punctuation is the name of the game. I can also check for fluidity of your piece. I can proofread for as little, or as much as you want. Different from a review, I will focus less on the content and more on the mechanics.
  • VIRTUAL ASSISTANT: I personally always appreciate the help I can get from someone helping ME with the “little things”. It helps you focus on what that really needs to get done and I am here to help you with your “little things”. I can help you with online research, data entry, and presentations, to name a few things. Do you need help managing that overcrowded email inbox, or scheduling? I’m here to help. Any menial day-to-day task that can be done on a computer and is keeping you from focusing on what is really important in your life; I am here to assist you with.


Interested? Not sold yet? Email me at and tell me what you are looking for.