Wives, Fiancees, and Side-Chicks of Hotlanta | BOOK REVIEW

img_5353Jesus Christ. This is why celebrities (and I use the term loosely here) should not write books.

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Atheists Who Kneel And Pray | BOOK REVIEW

“There is no moving on when you’re truly in love. You try and you keep trying, but that love is a stain on your life. it’s just not that easy.” IMG_4215

Before you get to far, maybe I am missing it but the title has almost nothing to do with the title. But for my first Tarryn Fisher, I enjoyed it.

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Gratitude | DAILY PROMPT

Gratitude is one one of those things that I feel changes from moment to moment.

Some are grateful for graduating High School. Others are grateful that they made it out of the low income neighborhood they grew up in. I could not image being grateful for not being in jail or dead. I am personally grateful every day for just getting through the same without going completely crazy.  I am grateful for the hard times in life.

There are big moments of gratitude and smaller ones. But the point is to always be grateful for whatever is going right, or wrong, in your life. When things are going right it’s amazing. When things are wrong that means there is room for growth, change and gratitude.


I am devoid of color. 

I wasn’t always that way. I used to gravate towards COLOR. I loved the pinks, the blues, the reds. I even had a bright YELLOW car in my hay day. 

One color I never liked, is orange. Orange is such an ugly color. Nothing looks good in orange. Even the oranges in the grocery store never seem appealing. 

Even though I wear mostly grays, blacks and an occasional navy blue I still have this one ugly ass orange shirt hanging in my closet. It’s for those days that I feel like I need a POP of color, even though I know I’ll look like shit.