welcomeHey, I am Jenna.

No, it is not short for Jennifer, or for anything actually. It’s just Jenna. And please do not call me Jen, thanks. 🙂

Welcome to my little corner of the internets!

I am a working, married, mother of two.

I started this blog (and subsequent social media pages) because I was not seeing the type of pages and accounts I could really connect with. And being a reader, aspiring writer, I was told if you do not find the story you want to read – write it. So here I am.

What you can expect to find in my posts? Realness. Probably a little too real for my mom – sorry mom.

I am sure I am not the only one out there that feels they are CONSTANTLY bombarded with the “perfectness” of the internet. The internet (or just life!) has the tendency to make us feel less than because we compare our behind the scenes to someone else’s front page.

I just want to connect with real people God damnit!

Your picture-perfect family photos are gorgeous, they really are. You already know that though. My pictures? Yeah, they will probably have shit out of place in the background.

When I was a kid in school, I remember my dad always telling me he wanted to know the good AND THE BAD. And those words stuck with me all these years later. Like any kid, I would run home excited to share my good grades but always kept the bad ones to myself. I do not think that has changed for a lot of adults.

morelifelessstyle. is taking the picture perfect out of our lives. About being REAL and authentic about our lives. It is about sharing the “bad” as well as the good of our lives. It is about sharing more life, and less style.

It’s easy to share the good and the pretty. It’s harder to share “the bad” and less stylish. And “the bad,” I think is what connect people on deeper levels. The “bad” is hard to share, I get it. I guess maybe I’m hoping to change that a little… in some way.

My goal is to be real and raw in ways that I cannot be out in the real world (because people won’t stop talking about themselves and their first world problems long enough to listen). I do not have any tips or tricks to be a successful anything. I have no secrets to lifelong happiness.  And I am certainly not trying to sell anyone anything; my sales associate days have been over for a long time. But I will share what I found works for my family and myself, in regards to life.

I am just a girl, sitting in front of a computer, trying to get the words out of her head.