One Year Later

For some reason the media is making a B I G deal about the one year “anniversary” of lock-down.

Typically anniversaries are something to be celebrated. I don’t want to celebrate this shit. I want to forget this year ever happened. Even though my husband and I worked throughout, and our kids are older and do not need so much supervision this past year fucking sucked.

I can say that I learned something from all of this…

Talk less. Smile more. Don’t let them know what you’re against or what you’re for.


Yes, I quoted Hamilton – which I actually also discovered in 2020 but the past year showed me the people who I thought I could rely on unconditionally was not actually the case. And that it actually goes a lot easier to smile and nod than it does to try and explain my feelings.

Everyone seems happier this way.

Anyway, excuse me while I have no desire to remember one year ago everything shut down in NYS. And stayed shut down for three months. Only a year later is life starting to look like normal… with the added fashion statement of masks.