Our school district (finally) decided to do away with snow days this year. Opting for remote learning on the days of inclement weather. Personally, the idea of snow days at this point in our lives is just idiotic. We have learned to go online with everything. Our kids have been online for almost a year at this point. NYC schools gave up on snow days this year, not sure what took the districts outside of the city to follow suit.

Oh the internet though. Specifically, the FB groups. About half of the people commenting were in support of the change while the other half was crying about how their kids look forward to snow days for a break. *clears throat* Snow days are for inclement weather, not to give people “breaks”.

Talking to another parent offline who has kids in the same district. I told them how happy I was that the schools got rid of snow days. In which their response was that they have one day left (which is true) and that they are trying to save that one day to add on to Spring Break. Um, okayyyyy…. This person continued on by saying that I am only in support of remote learning on inclement weather days because I do not have to be home doing remote learning with my kids. First, let me address the one extra day for Spring Break…. if the school simply went online every time it snowed the District would have five extra days to add on to ANY school break. The District could have a two week Spring Break if they wanted. Second, even if I was home I would not have to do remote learning with my kids because they are older. And that was a failed attempt to make me feel bad for feeling the way I do. While I had kids in elementary school a lot of the people I know were still out drinking at the bars at all hours of the night; living their best twenty-something lives. So excuse me if no I do not feel “bad” that you have to do remote learning with your seven year old. Because when I was potty training a two year old, or juggling childcare so both my husband and I could go to work every day you did not give a shit about what I had to do. I was not even a blip on the radar.

Excuse me while I advocate for keeping these kids learning and not more days off from school especially during this time when it is needed the most.