I Am The Mom Who Puts $20 in a Birthday Card and calls it a Day.

I hated birthday parties as a kid. And as a parent, I still hate them. WTF do you get kids these days? I am the parent who would not buy something for another kid that I would not want my kid to get. So, I throw $20 in a card and call it a day.

For years I felt really bad about that. Especially seeing the kind of thought that girl mom’s put into gifts for my daughters. There really was no excuse for my laziness when these others moms work also. That is all it was though. Pure, laziness. For the boys… boys are easy. Boys don’t give a shit and neither do their parents.

As my kids are getting older the idea of “birthday parties” are no longer a thing. It’s more a hangout for someone’s birthday than anything official. Recently a friend my daughter has got close to was celebrating her birthday with a sleepover. I decided this was the time. I was not just going to throw $20 into a card. We were going to do what all the girls and their mothers have been doing for years. We were going to give this girl an actual gift!

When I told my daughter we were going to get this girl a girl she laughed. I get it. For years, this is what I did. This is what my kids were used to their mother doing for their friend’s birthdays. I get it.

My daughter, armed with the green light to plan a thoughtful gift for her friend, got to planning.

$40 later… we had quite the gift basket filled with all sorts of goodies for a 13-year old girl.

My daughter put together quite a nice basket. And I spent twice as much as I normally would. But, no complaints. I felt good doing this for my daughter’s friend. I wish I had started being this thoughtful years ago.