Hello 2021

…I promised myself I would not write such a cliche new year, new me post. Which this is not. I promise you. This is not a post talking about all the amazing things I hope to accomplish in the new (calendar) year. I am actually writing this a week after the Capitol was attacked, President Trump has been banned from social media and Parler was just shutdown by Amazon. If 2020 was not bad enough, in 2021 our first amendment rights are being challenged.

During these times the internet is the last place I want to be. Everything is so polarized it is just too much for me. People are drastically on one end of the spectrum or the other.

Freedom of speech is the basis of American life. It is something we have that many other countries do not have. The ability and freedom to say what we want, when we want to say it. Granted, these are private companies making decisions about who is saying what… but it is hard to swallow when these large tech companies are in cahoots with big government. (Yes, I said cahoots) I am totally okay with Apple knowing when I’m using my phone, where I am using my phone and what I am doing on my phone. But what I have a hard time with is when someone else is making the decisions about what I am reading or communicating about. I do not need Facebook to tell me what is “fake news”. Let me make that determination. I had no plans on ever joining the Parler site but again, I do not need another company make the decision for me.

I understand, there are a lot of unhappy and unwell people out there. People that are susceptible to radical thoughts and behavior during these things. But my fucking God… has al qaeda been banned? Has all terrorist groups been banned from Twitter. Fuck.

As always during these times I want to run as far away from social media as I possibly can. Which this time is not completely the case. I simply want to disconnect from it all. As I google “deleting social media 2020” I realize this is the time that so many how-to blog posts have talked about. For as long as I can remember these bloggers have always said that you should have blog as a platform because one day all the staple sites could be gone one day. HERE. WE. ARE.

If Amazon and Twitter can SILENCE the President of the United States, what will stop them from deleting little ole me, or you, if we start saying something someone else does not like. The whole thing just gives me a headache.

After my Google search I came across an article from someone who deleted all their social media, created a WordPress blog and turned off the comments. (Here)

For the first time in a long time I do not necessarily want to delete all my social media. But I definitely want more a space to share my thoughts. I have found myself writing out these ridiculously long posts to just delete them because I know if I saw that post I would not want to read it, one. Secondly, I hear all the voices in my head from my family, friends and co-workers. And I am just tired of explaining myself or trying to get someone else to see my point from a two second smart-ass post I made. I feel like I am being judged, a lot and I hate it. So I turned the comments off on my blog. No comments. No likes. 👏🏽

I have no plans to quit social media in 2021; I know it is a habit I have got into over the last few years. But to quote Joshua Gibbs, “I quit social media so I could work out my salvation with fear and trembling, not prattle and yammer. Having spent more than ten years burrowing the prattle and yammer into my soul, I suspect it will take twice as long to get it out. Best to get started as soon as possible.”

A couple of years ago I started the habit of archiving all my social media posts before the New Year. As I archived each post, one by one, I realized how mundane my posts were. I hate posting my kids online and I have no desire to appear as a perfect family who has their shit together. I want more than that… I want to look back on this in our lives and really feel something. Writing a blog post takes more effort than sharing someone else’s post or graphic. There is something to be said by NOT adding to the conversation.