Why I unfollowed a lot of accounts & it is not why you think

I am writing this two days after Election Day, 2020. At the time of this writing there is no clear winner on who will be the next President of the Free World. And before I go any further with this post you should know (in the event you did not), I am a black woman who voted for Trump. I only tell you this so if you feel the need to stop reading you can.

It should not matter who I voted for, or the color of my skin. But the internet and mainstream media is telling and showing me otherwise. I’m not going to unfollow you if you voted or support Biden. But I will do those things if you are unnecessarily judgemental about the AMERICANS who voted for Trump, period. Like the text I got asking me to support Biden that said I must be an uneducated white male in order to vote for Trump. 😒

The amount of posts, or shares, that have supported the idea that anyone who has voted for Trump is a racist bigot is pretty sad. I know those people would never say those things to my face, but if they are resharing it – that is how they feel in their heart and I cannot support that. I have my justifiable reasons for voting for Trump and it is not simply because I don’t like the other guy, or that I am racist white supremacist. Needless to say, I have unfollowed a lot of accounts these last few days. It is like you cannot be a book lover and Trump supporter. I get it, I guess to anti-Trump supporters I am an anomaly and it is unclear what to say to me during these times. You cannot just call me racist or uneducated – because I am neither. I am sure people who do not know me would just assume it is because of my husband, who did not himself vote for Trump, FYI.

The amount of people who are severely disappointed and disgusted in their states for supporting Trump. It is sad. Those people are your neighbors and business owners – are you not going to patronize those places anymore? Are you not going to talk to your neighbors?

This will surprise a lot of people but my mother is a Biden supporter, and we still get along as if we supported the same person. We do not get each other when it comes to this, but it feels like we get along better right now because we give each other a hard time about it. It is possible. It is almost necessary to at least be friends with someone who believes in things opposite from you – that is how we learn and grow as individuals. And there are still a lot of accounts I follow that are obviously Biden supporters, and that is okay.

I wish had a screenshot some of the posts and stories I have seen over the last day or two but I was so disgusted I just immediately unfollowed. Accounts I have followed for a long time too. I actually do not see myself in any of the accounts I follow so it’s probably not the worst thing.

Don’t get me wrong at all, count the votes. Count all of the votes. The media needs to chill on their predictions. But always count all the votes then. And even though I know it will be Biden who wins this election I will still respect the title and call him Mr President. Even though he is not my choice for President.


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