Candace Owens, Breonna Taylor and Very Unpopular Social Opinions

I have put off writing this post for awhile but it has been simmering under the service since I finished Candace Owen’s book, Blackout a few weeks ago. And I could not recommend that book enough. Especially now, during a very important election year.

Candace Owens has been a buzz name for awhile but only in these last few months in 2020 did I really listen to what she had to say. Among the Black community I know she can not be a popular opinion.

Candace Owens dares ask, What have blacks gotten for their loyalty to the Democrat Party? Democrats preach and teach blacks to think and act like perpetual victims, eternally plagued by “institutional” or “structural” or “systemic” racism, never mind overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Honestly, I could go on and on about how informative this book was for me. I had almost 100 highlights – I’m surprised I did not highlight every word in that damn book. It is one of the few five star rated books I have read this year. Blackout rips apart every reason that the black community traditionally and majority votes Democrat. How the Democrat party NEEDS the Black vote and year after year plays for that vote.

Which all leads to how BLM is so pivotal this year. And why George Floyd and Breonna Taylor are in the news. Police brutality and defunding is a hot topic. Unfortunately Black men and women are killed every day in this country. Just look at any major city in the US; Chicago anyone? There is no coincidence that it is brought to the forefront this year. And no one wants to talk about the Black on Black deaths. Do those Black Lives Matter? Do Black Lives Matter only matter when a death is caused at the hands of a white man. Owens talks about this idea multiple times throughout the book.

I could go on and on, but I won’t. If you are at all interested, I would recommend reading the book. I would not do it justice. Owens is a very unpopular opinion. That unpopular opinion made me feel so much less alone. For years the topics and conversations that were brought up in her book I have thought about but have had no one to talk about. You probably could not image how uncomfortable is it as a Black person to ask why BLM don’t matter inner cities where Black people are killing other Black people. To be repeatedly be told that it is different… but how?

Around the time I finished Blackout there was grand jury verdict in the Breonna Taylor case. A jury who decided not to charge any of the Officers. Evidence that came out against everything the mainstream media was putting out there. That Taylor was an EMT – not for years because she was fired for being involved in drug activity. And that no-knock warrant that was executed at the wrong apartment… they knocked, and it was the right apartment, Ms. Taylor’s name was on the warrant. Her boyfriend was a known drug dealer and she was moving drugs for him – there were jailhouse conversations about her doing just that. And as for her sleeping when she was shot, nope, she was standing in the hallway behind her boyfriend. Her boyfriend who punked out and ran behind her once the police started shooting. AFTER HE SHOT AT THEM FIRST.

Don’t get me wrong, when I first heard the story, like the rest of the Country I thought the cops really fucked up on so many levels. I really felt for Ms Taylor for being an innocent victim in all of this. While I did not necessarily agree with her boyfriend just shooting at whoever was entering without knowing who was entering – I still felt for her and her death. Once the truth started coming out my opinion started to change of the whole situation. There is a saying, “you are the company you keep”. Not that I wish death upon anyone, but, I am not concerned about the police coming up in my house executing a warrant, let alone shooting up the place. That is not the kind of lifestyle I live. And do not get me started on how the family settled for 12 million dollars B E F O R E there was even a grand jury decision…

None of these points I ever say outside of my journal or my head because they are that unpopular. Recently Biden once again IMHO made a racist comment. This time saying that people were able to stay home during quarantine because “there was a Black woman stocking the grocery store shelves”. I do not believe it was necessary for this man to specifically call out Black women for doing this job. I cannot speak for the rest of the Country, but in my area, most of the grocery store employees are White. And the ones stocking the shelves are are White dudes. So I “made the mistake” of cropping a headline about Biden’s recent statement and asking for everyone who posts about how awful Trump is to explain the statement to me. Asking if this is the person you expect me and others to vote for.

Needless to say, I received no responses. Annoyed, waking up to not a single response from anyone who is constantly posting anti-Trump rhetoric I posted again saying just that. Asking if I am only good for stocking shelves then? And oh boy. I was told what he said was taken out of context – and that they are “hip” to what Fox news is doing. That what Biden did was point out how if not for these Black and brown people the quarantine would be a lot different. I politely responded saying that we will have to agree to disagree and was met was an ever longer response saying that I was generalizing the statement and that Trump has a long and documented history. Like Biden does not have almost 50 years of DOCUMENTED statements against Black folks. I’m not trying to get anyone to see my position, but I am interested in a dialogue that clearly does not exist – THAT is the American way. But hey, if we’re going to thank the Black women for stocking those shelves, I hope someone thanked the slaves for picking the cotton.

I’m not saying that Trump is the best representation for the United States of America. He speaks without thinking and goes off script all the time which I feel is what keeps the lights on for the mainstream media. So yes, he’s the asshole boss. We’ve all had one. He has done nothing of the things people go on and on about. Hypotheticals. Anyone with any kind of investments saw the benefits of Trump being in Office – that can not be denied. Unemployment reached record lows… while Trump has been in office (before COVID).

I have voted on both sides of the aisle, and there have been years I did not vote at all. When Obama ran for Office the first time I voted for him. I vote for the policies I agree with, not the personalities because I know the President is just the face, there are a lot of other people that are making the actual rules to this game.

It’s very “unfair” that I have to watch people post their opinions but I am not allowed to express mine without an argument. And demeaning comments. Listen, I respect people with different opinions. It’s sad that I cannot find people who respect mine. Which is why typically, I stay quiet. Being so frustrated I reached out to my father for assistance, for guidance. Who pointed out an important fact that I forgot because I let the internet get to met. His reminded me that I’m winning, and the world doesn’t need to know. My father reminded me to smile when I see the garbage. More importantly, he reminded me that a responsible person keeps quiet, stays out of it, saves, goes to work and pays their taxes….

So, I’ll be taking my father’s advice and staying out of it. If you want to have an actual conversation with me – I welcome it. Teach me something. Educate me. If all you want to do is talk down to me and ridicule me then maybe I am not someone you should be following.


PS. Go read Blackout, please.