Withdrawing from College

It is Sunday. For the past year on Sunday’s – because no matter how much I try and plan procrastination is the name of my game – I have scrambled to submit assignments to any of the various courses I signed up for in an attempt to her an Associates Degree in “Social Media and Digital Marketing”.

Almost exactly a year ago I very excitedly signed up for classes at an accredited community college that accepted a benefit provided by the Union I am apart of due to my job. Suffice it to say I was pretty disappointed from the first class I took. The very first class I signed up for was supposedly a Social Media based course… only to find out that the class would have been appropriate if this were the early 2000’s. I should have probably quit after that first class, that first semester but I do not consider myself a quitter and figured I could just slowly make my way through the rest of the required courses.

I made my way through a Business 101 course the following semester which was equally as yawn worthy. As an almost 40 year old woman who has been working since she was 16 – I understand the basics of offices and how the different departments work within a business. Taking the Summer off from any classes I jumped into the Fall semester with an English 101 class (not even shitting you) and a Microeconomics class.

Why I am taking an ENG101 course was besides me. I already took the course the first time I went to and graduated college. But I guess if it’s been over a certain number of years since you graduated college a lot of credits don’t transfer in. Whatever, English is pretty easy for me. The class that did it for me was the Microeconomics class. Honestly I could not tell you what was going on and why it even mattered. The text and the assignments made no sense. Then… last week while scrolling through my IG I came across a post by Mel Robbins…. (Here is the link to the same video on her FB)

The caption of the video was asking the reader a question do you need that degree or do you need to have a breakthrough in your self-confidence?

I currently hold two degrees. An Associates in Communications/Media Arts and a Bachelors in Communications/Journalism. It dawned on me. Did I really need a degree from some community college in Ohio in order to figure out how to market myself and my writing on the internet.


AFTER I graduated school my father told me that school was not for everyone. That you don’t need a degree in order to learn. That you can teach yourself. Utilize the library and now and days, YouTube. There is so much information out there – you don’t need some “professor” to teach you something you are very capable of learning on your own.

Robbins video and text went on to explain who she was talking to a woman she was coaching and how this woman thought she needed to go back to school. This woman was already working a 60-hour work week but wanted to make a difference in her community and thought she needed a degree in order to do it.

There is something about degrees that really get people excited. But there are so many stories of people who obtain great thinks without a degree. With nothing more than hard work and perseverance.

And with that, I dropped the two classes I registered for this Fall. After two unanswered emails, I called the school, jumped through the phone tree game before reaching someone who told me I would be marked as “academic risk” for dropping both classes.

I understand for some professions degrees are needed and are not an option. But this is not what this is. I want to be a voice but I don’t need a degree to have a voice. Especially a degree consisting of discussions and assignments that literally mean nothing to me.

With that being said, I have reclaimed my Sundays for what they are meant for – relaxing, reading and writing. There is no more attempting to pretend I will complete these assignments during the week and watch them get pushed off day after day after day. Nor is there rushing to submit assignments before 90 Day Fiance.

The moral of this story is to really think about why you are doing something. Is it because it is something you really want or need to do? Degrees are important but they are not necessary.


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