School Starts for Older Kids this Week Too

This is just a friendly reminder that there are older kids going back to school this week as well.

Before someone comes across this post three years from now and jumps all down my shit about how it is harder for younger kids to do online learning than it is for older kids I get it. I am not disagreeing with that, at all. I could not imagine my son at five, six, or seven years old and trying to get him to sit down and do a school lesson on a computer. But let’s not forget that there are middle school and high school aged kids that are facing their own challenges.

For the new people in the back, my kids are “older”. At the time of this writing I have a seventh grader (12 year old) and a tenth grader (15 years old) and neither one of them are thrilled about starting school virtually this year.

The Spring was a shit show. No one knew what they were doing; it was a free for all resulting in grades being pass or fail. My son was ecstatic about this because he knew so long as he did the bare minimum he would still “pass” the class. When we received their official “synchronous” schedules to coincide with their normal school schedule no one was happy to hear that yes, they were expected to be up, functional and logged in by 7-8A almost every morning. And it is still an almost full six to seven hours a day online. No different than your five or six year old.

My teenagers get cranky, and get tired of sitting in front of a screen too. Please do not forget there is just as much attitude from a teen ager as there is your eight year old. A teenager can quite literally say “fuck this” close their laptop, rollover and go back to sleep. The parents are still accountable though. If my kids opt to not log in when they are supposed to, or are not submitting their work guess who gets the phone call…

I am getting really tired of hearing people say how they don’t care about older kids because they can handle it. This is all coming from people who barely have kindergarteners. Just because parents of older kids do not have to worry about childcare, does not make any of this virtual school stuff any easier. I still have to make sure my kids are logging on and showing up when they’re supposed to. It’s not a hands off thing – at least not for me. None of us signed up to be teachers. Even those that signed up to be teachers did not sign up to teach a bunch of kids online as well as their own kids.

I completely understand that the elementary school age is crucial as that is where kids learn all the basics for not only the rest of their school years, but the rest of their lives. But let’s not forget about the kids that have 5-10 years on our early elementary students. Just because they can (for the most part) read, write and do basic math, does not mean that they or their parents, are having any easier a time with all of this.


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