I knew this was going to happen. As soon I wrote about ditching social media in regards to this blog, I wanted it back. To be honest, I missed posting to my IG. Posting to my personal/private accounts was not the same.

So this morning I reactivated my page and archived a shit ton of posts. I posted a simple boomerang story.

I didn’t want to make it a big deal. I really don’t intend on engaging much on the platform. There are a lot of really simple accounts that inspire me. They don’t post that frequently either on their feed or stories. To me, those accounts show a healthy balance which is really what I want.

By the looks of my stories, it looks like I picked the wrong time to do this. But when I think about it, is there ever a good time on IG. All the race relations/police brutality aside it’s a lot. So to scroll through my stories and see all these pages calling out another page for I don’t even know what. And then to have one page tell it’s followers what they should or shouldn’t have in their bio. Moreover, SEVERAL accounts said they were going to unfollow any mutual accounts they had with this one particular account.

I thought the Internet was a place you could go to “be yourself”. To share what you thought and believed in. Is it not bad enough IRL you get shit on and shamed for being some kind of way. If you don’t believe in something someone is posting about, unfollow. Please don’t guilt, shame or scare people into unfollowing someone else just because you don’t agree.

Trust me, I unfollowed all these pages I was not even aware I followed because I don’t believe in that shit.

After I posted my so-long post and newsletter I received some very thoughtful emails from people. All of this time I always thought I was just kind of talking to myself on here. I rarely got comments on anything. But apparently there are more of you out there actually reading these words and appreciate what I am putting out there. Those people are really why I decided to “come back”.

My blog will still be my default, especially after what I saw is currently going on. There’s always fucking something, TBH.

I don’t know why I thought that stepping back for a month would yield different results. (I also don’t know why I thought I’d be able to consciously stay away until January) I don’t know why people cannot just agree to disagree and move on. These are the same people who encourage others to B E K I N D. There are a lot of assholes out there and it does me no good to walk around pointing fingers at them.


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