Wakanda Forever

The King is dead.

I remember when Black Panther was the talk of the town. A Marvel film with an all Black cast. It was getting all the accolades before it was even released. I remember feeling pretty worn out with Marvel by the time Black Panther came about and am not one to see a movie just because it was getting applauded for the all Black cast.

Eventually I did end up seeing it and if you were to ask me what my favorite Marvel movie was I would say Black Panther alongside Iron Man. The moving was stunning. And I cannot tell you how great it was to see a GOOD movie with an all Black cast that had no historical reference. There were Black men AND women being portrayed as not only the good guys, but the heroes. They were smart and funny and really showed that Black actors can play more than characters from our past.

If you were to tell me The King (Chadwick Boseman) was battling cancer during that time I would have asked what you were smoking.

This morning I woke up to the news that Boseman had passed away from colon cancer. Something he was diagnosed with four years ago. It was a silent battle.

The man was doing the damn thing while trying to beat the damn thing. And it really just drove home the fact that you have no idea what battles anyone else is dealing with.

I won’t pretend to be someone who followed his career. Honestly, before this morning I could not tell you the man’s name. I just knew he was the Black Panther.

It really is mindblowing to hear that someone (only a few years older than my husband) died from colon cancer. Someone who had access to all sorts of medical resources. While it is of course sad, the bigger take away, for me, is a reminder to how short life it. And that you cannot assume you know what anyone is dealing with behind closed doors. We all put our best face out there – please don’t judge someone by the outside. The internal battle could actually be life or death.


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