I have been waiting for this day since April. (I’ll give Coronavirus/Cuomo a two week grace period to get it’s shit together)

Yesterday, Governor Cuomo announced that gyms can re-open as early as next Monday, August 24.

If you are not my husband, mother or sister, you probably have no idea how much I love the gym and working out. I don’t share this with a lot of people because as I was reminded one day by a particular asshole, I don’t look like I go to the gym.

No, I am not a size 2 or 100lbs. But I am strong. and I am not on any medication. My cholesterol and blood sugar is on point. My weight has never been brought up by a doctor. I am healthy. But apparently it is only acceptable to say you enjoy the gym and working out if you are tiny and only eat vegan, salads and protein shakes.

Going to the gym, working out, is how I de-stress. It is my getaway. I get to escape for 45-one hour and not think about anything except what I am actually doing. It is a sort of meditation and I am so excited that I am able to get back to it.

Yes, it will look different – I am aware of that. Cuomo says capacity is capped at 33% (which is a strange number), and masks are required. Reservations are also required for classes. All of which I am okay with. According the comment sections, and interviews with local gym-goers, people are upset about all over. Like people are being forced to go to the gym. People are really not happy about having to make reservations either. As if they don’t plan their days already. DO MOST PEOPLE JUST GET UP AND LIVE THEIR LIVES WITHOUT A PLAN OF ANY KIND?!

No wonder people are walking around all stressed out and on edge all the time. I won’t even mention the mask in the gym thing that is really the thing that gets under people’s skin.

Anyway, I am excited about it all. Life is pretty much as back to normal as it is going to be (until the election). Like most other people, I am just over 2020.


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