July Reading

Phew. Another month in the books. Another month closer to the end of this crazy year.

July was another lackluster reading month, reading only two books. I could blame coronavirus but honestly, I get most of my reading for the year done in the Winter and late Fall when it is more comfortable all around to snuggle up with a book.

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Honestly, I was pretty disappointed with this one. I am always seeing Alyssa Cole books circulating around bookstagram and I have never read one. Not for any particular reason, just never did… until I realize it seemed like she wrote quite a bit of interracial romance books. (why I am interested in this, here) I don’t know why this particular book stood out to me, maybe because it was a Kindle deal one day… but this was the one.

I remember I started this one at night and from the beginning I realized I could not read it and promptly paid for the audiobook because I really wanted to give this author a try.

I did not like how it opened with an email exchange of some sorts. I was convinced the whole book would read that way and I can’t read that stuff.

Trinity Jordan, works from home after an accident at the facility she works at. One day sher neighbor’s (sexy) nephew moves in next door sending Trinity into a tailspin. At first his behavior is so odd, almost computerized. Eventually Trinity realizes that that is exactly, who or what her neighbor is and she is tasked with humanizing him.

I have pre-ordered Cole’s newest book which comes out in the Fall, I hope it leaves me a little bit more excited.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

(I received Detour for free in exchange for my honest review)

No lie, I was nervous going into this one. This is a debut novel by a debut author and honestly, the only reason I requested it is because I have befriended the author on instagram over the last few years. She is a fellow New Yorker and just a good person. She is quirky and funny and I was so surprised to find out she was working on a book because she never even dropped hints about it.

When I requested this book she told, warned me, that it was a romance book. Which ugh, left me a lot more nervous. I don’t know about you but I have received some AWFUL advanced reader copies of books through Netgalley and they were generally genres I read. I don’t read romance. (Not that there’s anything wrong with it, I just have to really be in the mood for one when I read it).

After all that scary nervous talk I can say that this book was so good! It was well written and I could really relate with the characters. The main character, Angela is a strong independent woman which I can totally support. Detour did not read like a debut novel at all. Honestly, it read like one of the first Colleen Hoover books I read. And for the most part I love Colleen Hoover.

I was pleasantly surprised and will definitely be recommending it to anyone looking for a romance recommendations. Detour is a part of an upcoming series – I am not sure if I will read the follow up books (because I don’t like series either, ha) but if it is anything like the first book it will be enjoyable.

How was your reading month? Do you read more during the summer months?

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