The Rule of 100

Minding my own business recently, reading a post on content creating and I came across this idea of The Rule of 100. It says this…

  • your first 100 blog posts will suck
  • your first 100 podcasts will suck
  • your first 100 talks will not be perfect
  • your first 100 videos will be nightmares

The person credited with these thoughts is @cammipham and I am pretty obsessed with her Twitter page. So many insightful tweets that I need in my life.

I feel like I have spoken on this so many times. This idea that I do not know what I am doing, or what I want from these platforms. I’m not selling anything. Which I feel is all these platforms are used for these days. To see yourself or your product. If I wanted commercials I’d watch more cable television. As I’ve stated many, many, many times, it is frustrating.

Never have I ever concerned myself an “influencer”. I actually hate that term. As I dove deeper into content creating and what it was about I realized I can get down with content creating. maybe that is what I am doing. I am creating shit and putting it out in the world. Like everything else in this world, God forbid you google search anything and you are hit with an overwhelming amount of information and links. And I do not know about you, but for me, I start to get overwhelmed and I’m over here staring at my phone like, well, that’s not me.

At this same time I am deep in my Hamilton obsession. Really just listening to the soundtrack on repeat again and again and again. I must have liked a Hamilton TikTok, or followed the actual page… not sure, but a video popped up talking about how Lin-Manuel Miranda took seven years to write Hamilton. SEVEN. YEARS. And it took him an entire year to write the song “One Shot”. 🤯 The song is six minutes long… the musical, almost three hours. Reading an interview with Miranda from several years ago he said he was shocked at how many creators have a year turn around times with their work. It had me thinking…

What exactly am I in a rush to do? I don’t even know what I’m doing – what I’m trying to really achieve. There are so many stories like Miranda’s. Where creators spent YEARS working on their craft. Probably, getting it wrong. Sucking. With that being said… I’ve said it before, and I will probably say it again and again and probably another time after that. slow down. You’re going to suck.

You have to suck. You have to get it wrong before it starts to feel right, for you. It takes time. Give yourself the time.


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