Kind of says it all doesn’t it. Hamilton. You already know what I’m talking about. And you know I am talking about the Broadway musical that has most of the people obsessed.

I remember when it was all the rage years ago. While I am not a historian by any means I was curious. What was the hype all about. When my curiosity finally peaked enough to see how much tickets cost I was floored to see it was $1,000/ticket. And those were the leftover tickets.

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Guess we weren’t see that one.

Until a few months ago when it was announced Hamilton was going to be available on Disney+ on the 4th of July weekend. This is how dense I am in regards to history, not until I watched the damn thing did I realize why it was released on the July 4th weekend.

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Anyway, like most of the world, I loved it! 🖤 I watched it twice in a 24-hour period and the soundtrack is all I’ve been listening to since.

Outside of my family, and when I say family I mean my husband… I don’t tend to talk about things I enjoy. Because people are too fucking opinionated and hateful these days about EVERYTHING. Honestly, I just don’t have it in me to justifying EVERYTHING either. With that being said, somehow Hamilton came up in conversation outside of my home. Thinking it was going to be a pleasant conversation, I replied that I watched it over the weekend and really enjoyed it.

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And here we go…. I get a whole speech about how people are all up in arms because Hamilton is racist. Apparently there’s even a hashtag on Twitter about it; pleading for people not to watch or Disney not to show it. This was all news to me.


This person goes on to say how it’s ironic that people (aka the internet) are saying it’s racist when all the actors in the show are non-white. Valid (about a bunch of hispanic and brown people portraying a bunch of white people). Thinking it was going to stop there, this same person went on to say how it could, or would be, confusing because all these non-white actors were playing white people from history.

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I mean, I guess… maybe?

Maybe this is my naiveness. Or maybe because I actually learned something in High School history class, I knew all the founding fathers were a bunch of white dudes. I don’t know what history lessons are like now in school, but…. a google search will show you that this is what the actual founding fathers looked like:

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Personally, the cast of the show are a bit more visually pleasing to look at it.

This person did not give off the vibe that they would be watching the show with their children. Which is fine by me. But, that is part of the problem that will keep this Country from truly moving forward. You’re not going to have your child watch a highly acclaimed Broadway show about how this Country was formed because all the actors are not white like they were in history. Hopefully I am wrong, but that is not what I got from the words that came out of this person’s mouth.

In the midst of all this I made the mistake of asking why Hamilton is considered racist. Apparently because he did the accounting for slave owners. Maybe, probably, most likely, even owned them.

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It was the late 1700s. Google tells me that that was 243 years ago (because math is hard). TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY THREE YEARS AGO. In hindsight obviously we can see OWNING people is wrong and disgusting. I almost wish I was around 243 years from now, July 2263 to see how we fucked things up now and how our future learned from our behavior.

We cannot erase our history. Just like we can not condemn our ancestors for their behavior over two hundred years ago. It’s fucked up history, but it happened. How can we learn and do better if we don’t acknowledge what happened before us. There’s a reason there is a pretty common quote that talks about just that.

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

It is a valid saying, I truly believe if we cannot accept our mistakes and misbehavior we’ll never learn and keep fucking shit up. Wouldn’t it be some shit if 300 years from now black people are slaves again because in 2020 we refuse to acknowledge our past; and demand every connection to slavery be demolished.

Anyway, the moral of this story – PEOPLE LOVE TO FUCK EVERYTHING UP FOR OTHER PEOPLE. Or at least try to.

Listen, I still love Hamilton. I am currently listening to the soundtrack while writing this. Despite some elitist who has his head stuck in the sand, I felt that it was a really good and informative piece of art and entertainment as well as history lesson. My knowledge of Alexander Hamilton before this was just that he was the dude on the $10 bill. I’m surprised I even know that because I don’t carry cash, ever. (Still waiting for Harriet Tubman to make her debut on the $20 bill though). Please don’t ask me who’s on any of the other bills or coins though.

I found myself googling A LOT after watching Hamilton. Who knew there was so much drama way back then before the internet and cellphones. If more of history was told in catchy hip-hop/rap songs more people would not only know it, but understand it.

I’ve gone and watched plenty of shows with predominantly, if not all, white casts and they were good shows. Just as good as this show with their non-white cast. The bigger picture is that history is being told. People are learning history. At least that is how I see it. Maybe I am just naive when it comes to that kind of stuff… but this show would not have worked with an all white cast, sorry (not sorry). Honestly, I give Lin-Manuel Miranda for putting the show together the way he did. Giving non-white actors the chance they might not have received if it were someone else. It is not a lie that people of color are still at battle proving that they are just as capable as their white counterparts.

I’ll keep drinking the Hamilton kool-aid, thank you very much. If you’re one of the last people on earth like myself who has not seen Hamilton, please see it. It really is quite good and the soundtrack is so addicting.


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