Hello July.

It has been a month. With everything going on in the world this year, June seemed to be my breaking point. In June I realized I needed to take a step back. Like what seems to happen on a regular basis for me I needed to take a step back from the internet in order to figure out what I wanted from my public accounts.

Normally when these things happen I go 100 at all my accounts. I delete them and after a few days, or weeks, I regret it. I spend years on some of these accounts. It takes me YEARS to get to 200 followers/subscribers and I ditch it so quickly, typically. This time I just made all my public accounts private and posted very little, if anything at all. A lot of these social media apps have snooze/mute features which I took advantage of in addition to just straight out deleting people. I know how I feel in regards to current events and fools on the internet screaming about something is not going to change my mind… one way or another.

There was an account I have followed for YEARS. YEARS. I have responded to her stories numerous times with never an answer. Suddenly in June this account thought it was the time to acknowledge what I was saying. They even went to far as to say that they see I review books and were going to follow me.

I unfollowed the account.

Why now are you listening to me? Because the internet is saying to listen to black voices? Get the f**k out of here… Listen to black voices when there is not a massive call for social justice.

I’m back now. My accounts are all public again. I even created a new FB Page page because…. I hate FB on a regular day and it did not occur to me that I would actually need that page in order to auto-post to IG.

  • I have decided to quit the #Unreadhbookshelf challenge. Because…. I suck at that shit, and I already got rid of 70 books. I’ll get to the other 30-something books on my shelves at some point. And yes, I still have all my Nicholas Sparks books on my shelves.
  • I’m over the reading spreadsheets too. Like, why? 🙄 Goodreads works just fine. For me, it’s not broke.
  • Something in me is telling me to give Netgalley another shot. So I am doing that.

Basically I am back to square one it feels like.

  • I feel like getting back into booktube. Maybe even #booktok (books on Tik Tok).
  • The landing page for the blog will stay as it is through the Summer at least because I am not sure what I want the first thing people see to be.

Earlier this year I read all of Austin Kleon’s books about how to basically find your groove and creativity. Now is as good of a time as ever to apply what I have learned from his writing. I don’t know why I struggle so much with “perfection” when it comes to this area of my life – I try so hard to curate the perfect sounding blog post, or catchy IG post that I end up posting nothing. Which defeats the entire purpose for paying for all this shit.


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