Kevin Hart’s The Decision


Kevin Hart might not be my first choice for self-help book authors. I cannot say that he has made the best decisions in life (who always does?!) but maybe that is why he makes an excellent self-help author. He’s made mistakes and learned from them. He is not trying to keep you from making the mistakes – even though he does condone his actions, he wants you to make the best choices FOR YOU. At the end of the day, when we’ve gone to the end of this journey the only person you’ll have to face is yourself and will you be happy with that person when that day comes?

Anyway, this book was filled with so many NUGGETS (as he says). Knowledge NUGGETS. Crispy. Golden. NUGGETS.

These nuggets can be found in any basic self-help book but what made this so enjoyable is the spin and flare he put it on it. It’s Kevin Hart… so it’s fucking hilarious. Everything he says is common sense. Everything he says we – for the most part – already know… but it’s hilarious. And for me, it was a much needed reminder that I did not realize I needed. For instance, the man it appears loves to just make up words… or more so, change their definition.

  • Cowboying Up… taking ownership for your shit.
  • Teddy Bearing… being a decent person without playing games
  • Put-Up-With-Ness… putting up with bullshit/tolerating
  • What-Is-Ness… it is what it is
  • Forcefield… to keep negativity away
  • Iconoclasm… doing you/choosing your own path

Not only are these words absolutely made up and silly (while their haphazard definitions are legitimate) the way he used them in each section of the book is hilarious.

Since this is an Audible Original, only available on Audible, I listened to pretty much this entire book while I was cleaning the house one weekend. And I was cracking up. I remember I was laughing so hard I had to tell my family what I was laughing at. It was the part where he was talking about PUT-UP-WITH-NESS…. He was talking about how his son (who is the same age as my own, 14) goes into the bathroom to take a shower with his phone and earbuds. The kid will turn the water on and it will just run. The kid is sitting on the toilet with his phone and earbuds in. When Kevin knocks on the door and tells the kid to get in shower the kid insists he is in the shower. And if anyone reading this has kids you can imagine the back and for ensues between Kevin and his son. The kid insists he is in the shower while Kevin is insisting he is not. Kevin goes on to say that he knows what it sounds like what water is hitting a body… and he knows the difference between a dry voice response and a response from someone who is wet in the shower. Kevin then goes on to talk about how his wife turns the heat up in the house during the night. How for ages they would have this back and forth over his wife turning the heat up. Kevin would say that he would wake up in a pool of sweat more nights because of it. Both stories were examples of shit he would just have to put up with. He realized that for his son, that time before he actually got in the shower… that he spent on his phone… was the only time the kid really got to himself. And for his wife, she’s his wife – was it really worth the argument on a regular basis. He resigned himself that when he woke up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat he would just get up, change his night clothes and go back to bed.

Another great reminder was blocking out negativity – using your forcefield. Your forcefield is meant to be enabled when people are throwing negative shit your way. Don’t let it get to you. Don’t let it take up space in your mental. PROTECT YOUR MENTAL as he says on a regular throughout the book. And your forcefield will do just that. I actually used my forcefield today. Someone was just talking out their face; saying some dumb shit and normally it would bother me and sit with me and make me so annoyed…. but then I remember “put up that force-field and let that shit bounce off you. ping. pow.”

Early on in the book he encourages his readers to BE SPONGY. To soak up new and different ideas. You know that saying that if you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.

I try and be a positive person. Not over the top, but acceptable levels of realistic positivity. Do I buy lotto tickets every day because I am sure I am going to win because I am so god damn positive, fuck no. But I try and look at the bright side of things because it does not pay to be so negative. I feel like I am surrounded by negativity. Especially right now, as I write this during a global pandemic. There is nothing but negativity. People are angry that we’re closed (me), people are angry that we’re opening (not me). People are just angry by nature and things like FB do not help. This book actually reminded in a roundabout way how DAMAGING Facebook is (for me). At the beginning of all this Coronavirus stuff I put FB back on my phone so I could keep up with updates from my local officials and state government. As time went on, I was reminded how people go to Facebook to spread any kind of news they hear from any source. Like this that sent me into a downward spiral a few weeks ago. After finishing this book I immediately deleted FB from my phone simply because I do not need that kind of negativity in my life. Simple as that. I can control that. I can chose that and I chose no.

In his own words, he was dropping 24K GOLD NUGGETS and I really could not recommend this book more to anyone looking for a little motivation in their life. For those that maybe forgot the path they were on, or are trying to forge a new one. Like I said, it’s concepts are nothing new that I have not heard in other self-help books but the entertainment value is top notch.


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