Jessica Simpson’s Open Book

Growing up, I was not a Jessica Simpson fan. The girl can sang, but when I was a teenager that is not what I was really feeling. I was interested in more upbeat music and not necessarily the soulful ballads. But then Newlyweds happened…

I loved me some Newlyweds. I still have the first season on DVD kicking around the house. But outside of that, I knew nothing about Jessica Simpson. I vaguely remember her divorcing Nick, and I remember seeing her in pictures with her new husband. But otherwise, Jessica Simpson never really did much for me.

Then one day while at work there were shameless plugs for Jessica Simpson’s new book which was to release the following week. There was still no interest in the book until rumors started circulating about all the juicy “tell-all” gossip. You got my attention there Ms Simpson! From there I was interested in whatever addictions she seemed to overcome. I will not lie, I could not imagine what addictions this dumb blonde could possibly have. She seemed like just this bubbly cheerleader type who could get any boy with just a flip of her blonde hair…

EH, WHY NOT?! And off to Amazon I went to pre-order her book….

I remember being really excited when the pre-order landed on my kindle at the beginning of February. I still am not sure why I ordered this on my kindle because I am awful with non-fiction/memoir type books in physical form. I tend to enjoy them more in audio. Somewhere the thought must have occurred to me that this one would be different.

It wasn’t different. This sucker sat on my kindle at some less than 10% read status until the end of April. The end of April was when I decided to use an audible credit to just get the audiobook. Maybe I could actually get through it then. And man… I FLEW through it as an audiobook. Yes, I should have just got it in audiobook form… but knowing myself, I probably did not have an audible credit just laying around.

The book opens with Jessica talking about her childhood. How she grew up in a church and how she had a family member that would be inappropriate with her when she went to visit. Jessica protected her sister from this person and eventually told her mother about it. She also had a close family member pass away which shaped her a lot. The Mickey Mouse Club came up and how she competed with Britney and Christina Aguilera growing up (which is not a surprise to anyone who is my age and followed any of these women). Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling supposedly made some bet in regards to Jessica… her childhood was much less interesting than her as an adult. Growing up in the 90s and early 2000s a lot of us already know most if not all of these stories involving the celebrities that came out of the Mickey Mouse club.

The book seemed to get interesting when Nick Lachey came into the picture. Even looking back now, they seemed like just a gorgeous, perfect couple. Which proves just how broken they were. I never was a fan of 98*, let alone Nick. I preferred his brother Drew to be honest. If what Jessica wrote was true (and I have no reason to really doubt it) Nick was a complete asshole. He was actually the douchey guy he looked to be. Poor Jessica.

Who knew Jessica and Johnny Knoxville had a thing. I wished they had worked out until I got to the point where Knoxville was married. Never knew he was married, would never have guessed he was. He’s the jackass guy… I guess there is someone for everyone.

John Mayer huh? I think I was the only one who did not know they were a thing. When I told you I did not follow Jessica earlier, I was not kidding. No clue it was so on-and-off, or up-and-down. Before she got to the point with him I saw what was going on and I could not be more proud of her for finally seeing that as well.

Jessica Simpson Talks Those Infamous High-Waisted Jeans | E! News
copyright eonline

What I did remember vividly was when Jessica was all over the tabloids about her weight gain and “mom jeans”. I never thought she looked bad. But again, I never really followed her. The only images of her I can clearly see are when she pretty tiny. And the “overweight Jessica in mom jeans” were not her best but I attributed that to photo angles. Otherwise, I thought she looked great.

Even before these photos came out Jessica, like many female celebrities I would imagine, deal with pressure to be thin. Mostly from executives who felt women needed to be a certain size in order to be successful. So when this photo came out she undoubtedly had a really hard time. She felt everyone was judging her by the comments made on this photo. She thought she was having such a hard time with boyfriends because they “had the fat girlfriend”.

Eventually the reader finds out what Jessica is addicted to throughout the book. It is a gradual uncovering and it is nothing as far “traditional” celebrity addictions. In that aspect, Jessica seems pretty normal. She realizes she has a problem, knows she needs to stop and does… with the support of her now husband.

Speaking of husband… I still don’t really know who her husband is, but I know how she met him and it seems a little to perfect. The book finishes with the relationship she has with her husband which is… yawn. It seems very Jessica Simpson’ish. I give her a lot of props for appearing to keep it “real” on her IG account. She still seems a little too FABULOUS for me. But I realize that is just who she is at heart. The idea I had of her when I was a teenager was that of a “girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love her”. And what I got from her book is just that.

Listening to her book in her words made me realize that those fabulous girls are really normal under all that hair and high heels. I know I am quick to write them off as being high maintenance. I think if I were to meet someone like Jessica tomorrow I might not be so quick to judge them. Open Book will also show people that Jessica Simpson is not an idiot. She is not just some dumb blonde. I never thought she was. Someone does not get to where she is at in life by being an idiot – and trust me, there are a lot of idiots out there.

I am not in a rush to go buy from her clothing line (mostly because it is not my thing) or listen to her music, I can respect her a whole lot more than I thought I ever could now. But I do follow her on Instagram now though because that is what I do for celebrities I like.

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