Antibody Testing

Before I get too far into this, I tested NEGATIVE for COVID19 antibodies.

My actual results and what it means

Over the weekend my County announced (on FB of course) that a local Urgent Care was doing antibody testing and that it would be covered by insurance. And since I have been working all this time, and have been in the grocery store on a weekly basis I figured WHY NOT.

From the beginning COVID19 has been a mystery. You could be a carrier but not show any symptoms. But you couldn’t get tested unless you were showing symptoms AND you got a note from your doctor. With that being said, if I had it I was obviously asymptomatic. It was all a crazy catch-22.

Now that the numbers are declining and more testing is available, antibody testing is where it’s at.

Part of the screening process was having a virtual appointment with a Doctor/PA. And all that was really asked was whether I had any symptoms and the last time I had contact with anyone with COVID19. When I told him that I didn’t think I had, he laughed and said that was good. Which leads me to believe that it is not nearly as contagious as it was made out to be. Politicians and the media have made it out to be that this thing is living on all these surfaces. That just be touching a contaminated surface you will contract it (and eventually end up in a hospital on a ventilator). Blink the wrong way and you got this thing is the way it has been portrayed over these last few weeks.

Another big thing now is contact tracing which I think is pretty impossible. You are asking someone to remember where they have been, and who they interacted with in the last x-amount of days…

I am not entirely surprised I was negative. If I was positive, I would not be entirely surprised either. Either outcome would make sense, for me. I’m negative, which means I have been doing what I should be doing – I have good basic hygiene and cleaning. Which have not changed from pre-pandemic. More importantly, people have been staying out of my space (more than six feet away) – I believed in adequate personal space way before social distancing became a government standard.

This will sound selfish, but I was not getting tested for antibodies so I could donate plasma. I got tested purely for personal peace of mind. Since up until now (more on in a bit) there was no way for me to get tested for the virus. The antibody test was the only way for me to know for sure whether anytime over the winter I contracted it either before the official shut down, or during the closure. Now I can go to any pharmacy, without symptoms or doctor’s note or appointment, and get a test done. I feel like now it is too little too late. All the current testing numbers show that more people had this thing than ever projected. And the mortality rate is significantly lower that what has been stated and projected over these last few weeks. Yeah, I get it “it is all because of what we have been doing; social distancing measures have been working” ๐Ÿ™„

But has it though? After I initially wrote this several of my coworkers indicated that they themselves went to get the antibody testing and every single one of them has come back negative. My parents, negative. If this thing is as contagious and spreads so easily I would think I’d at least know ONE person who had it, or at least the antibodies and that is not the case.

I am well aware that this whole thing scares a lot of people. People are afraid of getting it, they are afraid of giving it to their loved ones. In all honesty, I was never too concerned about catching it. Yes, I touch(ed) my face more than I should…. I even bite at my cuticles when I am anxious. But, I have never had the flu. And not because I go and get a flu shot every year because I have never received a flu shot. If a vaccine is ever created that eradicates the flu completely – like measles or chickenpox… sign me up. Every year though, I hear about the current flu vaccines do not protect against the newest strain of the flu – so why get it? I am aware that there is a push for the COVID19 vaccine, but that is just a feel good move because like the flu this thing mutates. It sounds like it will behave very similarly to the flu, constantly playing catch up with a vaccine.

The antibody testing gave me a peace of mind. Yes I am aware that I could still catch this thing, but the way I live my life I really am not concerned about it. The kids are not out and about. My husband is still working, but he is not around the general public. So right now, I feel pretty good about not catching or transmitting this thing. There are a lot of people not in that position so to those people, wash your hands and keep your distance. It sounds so simple, but those two basic things keep most if not all illnesses from spreading.

Stay healthy.

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