Kids are like Lay’s Potato Chips

You can’t have just one!

That is something my father told me years ago. I feel like it was when I was still pregnant with my son, or while he was still a toddler.

He told me my grandmother (granny) told him that same thing once upon a time. So he was telling me.

As kids do, I rolled my eyes. And as both myself, and my kids, got older I would resent the fact that he never told my sister (who has no kids at the time of this writing) and probably never would. But now, as we enter week five of lockdown/quarantine. I watch my kids outside playing and hanging out while I make dinner and I am so thankful they have each other.

Lockdown Outside Time

Now that it is starting to get nicer out, when my husband gets home from work the kids are ushered outside for some fresh air and physical activity.

I realize, over the last five weeks – they have been each other’s friends. Each other’s socialization. Yes, everyone is on Facetime and chatting on video games. But both of my kids are very social so I can only imagine how this time as home has been for them. While my husband and I are at work, they just have each other. When we come home, they have each other.

They go on bike rides together and I have heard them laughing and playing around together.

I cannot imagine what this time would like for my son if we never had my daughter. Or vice versa. I have to imagine that it would be a lot harder for all of us. In the back of my mind I have no worried much about my kids because I knew they had each other. I can only hope they are always there for one another because yes, this will pass…

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