Parenting Older Kids during the Holidays

I am writing this the evening of Easter.

I am in my bedroom continuing my binge of The Handmaids Tale. My husband is now where I was this AM – quite comfy on the couch playing on the XBOX. My son is downstairs, on his PlayStation and my daughter is in her room… coming up with some project.

My kids are older. At the time of this writing they are 14 and 12. They are not cute and little. There are no bunny ears or Easter baskets. Completely unrelated, when I saw that it seems like most families treat Easter as a second Christmas, I stopped all together.

My kids are older. At the time of this writing they are 14 and 12. They are at the age where it is completely hit and miss whether they want to spend any time with me. All that being said, I made no real effort with Easter. I bought a ham for dinner – that is about it.

Imagine my shock, and sadness, when my son asked if the Easter bunny came last night. I chuckled and told him no. That I got Easter candy a few days ago for us to much on. Then, my daughter, being my daughter, said she thought she saw (plastic) Easter eggs in the basement while looking for Christmas lights this past Winter. And my daughter, to no one’s real surprise said that she would fill the eggs with the candy I bought and my husband and I would have to hide them. She also went out into the yard this AM and found rocks to paint as Easter eggs.

She filled the eggs, and we hid them. It was all of 15-20 minutes, but the kids had fun. And I did as well. Attempting to come up with good hiding places for older kids.

As much as I love having older kids (over younger ones) it can be frustrating to have hopes to spend time with either of them (while I still can) to get bumped. What makes those moments of frustration worth it is when days like today happen.

Being a parent is always hards. Kids do not come with any kind of instructional manual. But it is especially hard when you have older kids.

Most people I have any dealings with have much younger kids. Enjoy them at this age. Enjoy being able to dress them up and looking for awfully hidden eggs in the yard. Because before you know it they’ll want nothing to do with you but then insist on you hiding Easter eggs for you and your sibling.

I’ll do better next year kids, I promise. We all let each other down it seems.

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