Just Wash Your God Damn Hands

I’ll forgive the masks.

Even the ones that worn improperly, which is most of them.

But the gloves.

The god damn gloves!?

Do you realize that these disposable gloves that litter grocery store parking lots are intended for one use?

Not one grocery shopping trip.

Not one outing

One use, period.

Put it to you this way. When you go to the doctor’s for a checkup he or she puts on a new pair of gloves when they examine you, right? How would you feel if your doctor came into the exam room already wearing gloves and then proceeded to exam you. I don’t know about you, but for me that’s a pretty foul thought. 😝 What else were you touching with those gloves, bro?!

So when you get in your car to go to the grocery store these days and drive to the store with your gloves on, then walk throughout the store shopping, then get back into your car with the gloves… you’re doing nothing different than what you would be doing without gloves.

You are bringing your germs to the store. You’re bringing germs from the store into your car.

To boot, if you’re wearing the gloves then touching your face… defeats the purpose! DON’T TOUCH YOUR FACE! Gloves or no gloves. To open a bottle of water, bag of chips with the gloves on and consume the item with the gloves on… no different than not wearing the gloves at all.

I understand. The gloves and the masks make people feel good. They feel like they’re protected from whatever is going around. But really, all you have to do is wash your goddamn hands! If soap and water is not readily available, hand sanitizer.

I keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer in my car, in my purse. It is a habit I started when the kids were little and we would go to places where there were only porta potties… typically there is not a hand washing station or hand sanitizer. So I started carrying my own.

This whole thing has also showed that most people don’t pay attention to other people. They’re not “people watchers”. If most people were, they’d notice how nasty the general public is. And if they noticed how nasty the general public is they know that good basic hygiene practice is necessary to keep from getting a simple cold as well as much complicated viruses.

So please don’t look at me like I am the unicorn in the room because I am not wearing gloves (or a mask). Not only do I know and understand basic hygiene, but I understand the idea of personal space and how to cover my mouth appropriately when I sneeze or cough.

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