Thank You to Everyone Who Made Working My Birthday A Lot Less Painful

It’s my mother’s fault.

It is my mother’s fault that I do not work on my birthday.

It is my mother’s fault that I do not believe anyone should work on their birthday.

This is because as a kid, thankfully, I was never sick. I never got to stay home from school unless I was sick, and I was never sick like I said… or…. unless it was my birthday. Hence why I don’t work on my birthday. Birthdays are my “get out of jail free” card. My mother used to take the day off from work and for so many years we used to go shopping together on my birthday. Not only was it a day away from school, but it was QT with my mom.

So to say I was pretty annoyed this year when I found out I had no other reason but to work on my birthday this year. I made a promise to myself that I would make the hours I was not at work the best they possibly could be. I did my nails, took one of my favorite classes at the gym and treated myself to a deliciously overpriced salad for lunch and cashed in my Starbucks birthday reward.

I had a great morning with myself. Plus, it was a gorgeous day which never happens. March is so gross.

Sometimes I forget how amazing some of the people in my life are.

Even though I am doing the snoopy dance in my head over my birthday, I like to keep it low-key on the outside. I don’t want anyone to know or acknowledge it. So imagine my surprise when my co-workers made it a point to announce, very loudly, that it was my birthday. Leading a lot of other co-workers to wish me a happy birthday.

Or, while deleting warrants I hear my name and see a bouquet of flowers. To an even bigger surprise, the flowers were from my parents. With the flowers, was a note hoping that the flowers cheered me up for working on my birthday. (They did, so sweet)

When my co-worker came in she had brought me a home cooked meal. So sweet! I can’t WAIT to eat that meal.

The husband and kids brought me dinner – my favorite meal from my favorite Mexican joint in town with a LARGE slushie Coke to go with it!

The icing on the cake was when two Detectives came onto the desk with cupcakes and a half-assed attempt at singing happy birthday which was so sweet and thoughtful.

As much as I like to pretend I am above the bullshit, I am not. I am a simple girl who loves her some Chuck Taylors; who is not the smartest, thinnest or prettiest girl in the room. I often feel like I don’t bring much to the table. I cannot compete with the bright and shiny. In my head, I am the one who is overlooked. So to have such thoughtfulness from my family and co-workers really warmed my heart.

With all that being said, working my birthday was not that bad thanks to the all the people who made it wonderful. It does not mean I will work my birthday in the years to come. I will still, given the chance, take it off or make it a long weekend. But working it reminded me that I have some great people in my life that don’t see the version of me that I have in my head.

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