My Conspiracy Theories Regarding Coronavirus

First of all, the whole thing is a well developed magic trick.

Secondly, people gotta stop fucking with animals. That is where all there crazy diseases come from.

Lysol wipes that I purchased in bulk MONTHS ago. Before coronavirus was known to the average American.

All the hype around it, much like the yearly flu and a few years ago when ebola was “spreading” – I was not concerned. The flu is nothing new, ebola is nothing new and guess what, coronavirus is nothing new. I was surprised to see though that my Lysol wipes can be used to PREVENT HUMAN CORONAVIRUS.

I did not entirely believe it until I saw it myself. First I picked up my Lysol spray and it was not listed there. Then I picked up the wipes, and there is it.

The media has “us” all concerned about this “outbreak” when it’s something that can be managed with some good old fashioned cleaning. You know, like most ways to keep from getting sick.

After this discovery there was coverage on the news that I actually watched. It was saying how US imports from China are currently stopped in China due to the outbreak. And because of that sales have been down. The coverage went on to say that the coronavirus does not actually survive on surfaces for long and that the only way to contract it is be within three feet of someone who has it.

Now get me wrong, if it is true that the virus does not survive on surfaces very long, why are we holding iPhones in China ports? And for months was there not a thing about the tariffs regarding goods from China. Some coincidence.

My bigger question is what is actually going on in the world, or the US that this coronavirus is distracting us from.

Considering that it is pretty clear the coronavirus is so well known that my Lysol wipes mentions it means that is has been around for awhile, it has been known for awhile and will continue to be around. With that being said, I will continue to do what I have been doing – regularly cleaning.

Don’t let the media scare you. Use common sense, use universal precautions – wash your hands, avoid contact with bodily fluids. If you’re sick, in any form – stay home. If your kids are sick – keep them home. I say all of this as a person who has never received a flu shot, and have not had my kids get the flu shot.

Much like a magic trick, the news media is never what is appears. There are always people behind the scenes controlling the message.

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