Do DNF’ed Books Count Toward Your Read Books?

It never really occurred to me.

Why the hell would a book you did not actually finish count towards books read, in a year?!

Recently I was updating my reading tracker spreadsheet and marked two books as DNF. When I reviewed my monthly stats tab I realized that it counted my DNF’ed books as read.

In January I really only FINISHED six books.

And at the time of this writing (almost the end of February) I have only FINISHED one book in February. According to these two tables in the spreadsheet I have read 11 books this year when in reality I have only read seven.

I am not afraid to DNF books. It took me a long time to be able to do it quickly and guilt free. But seeing these tables count my DNF as “read” made me start to think. Are people counting their DNF’ed books as books towards their yearly goals?! If so, that’s fucking bullshit and no wonder people are CRUSHING the hell out of their yearly goals.

While I let the idea of DNF’ed books count as “read” books sink into my head I came across an article on Medium… it was an article about how it’s author reads two books a week and how to do it. (Here) The author said that she herself counts DNF’ed books as “read” books. Her rationale was sound on why she does it too.

Me? Personally? No I don’t count them – but to each his/her own.

I don’t think anywhere it specifies that books read = books completed. I think it is just an assumption we all make.

According to my IG story poll, no one counts DNF’ed books as read books. But I fully support anyone who thinks otherwise.

  1. Goodreads has been counting my dnf’d books as read – even though they’re shelved on what I thought was an exclusive shelf …. idk. I don’t even count pages read of books I’ve dnf’d…

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