Catch & Kill (BOOK)

Ronan Farrow. The name sounded familiar – but I could not figure out why.

It was all the rage Fall 2019 when it was released. All I really knew was that it was a book about Harvey Weinstein (mostly) and his victims.

Hyped books are a turn-off for me, never as good as they’re advertised. So I was in no rush to read it. But then an audible credit landed in my inbox and I figured why not.

The story was not anything new to me. This idea that powerful men in powerful positions take advantage of that power is a pretty old story. And to be completely honest, I am one of those women that believe in not putting yourself in that position to begin with.

Supposedly Weinstein’s behavior was known throughout the industry. And it was known if you did not give in to him, he had so much power that you were not going to be able to work in the industry. My thoughts: why would you want to work in an industry like that to begin with? An industry that allowed that kind of behavior to continue on.

But listening to Mr Farrow’s words; his interviews with some of the victims. The victim’s stories. How Weinstein would not just threaten these women but actually accosted them. It was so sad. And my heart really reached out to those women. I felt bad for having my initial thoughts on the matter because it never occurred to me that a man with that kind of power would be so outright… rapey. My thought was always men with that kind of power have a pick of women that would willingly do whatever they wanted, to receive any kind of advancement. That a man with that kind of power would not need to invite women up to his hotel room and answer the door in his bathrobe. It sounds like something a television or movie character would do.

I never got into much of the coverage of the allegations against him. But after listening to this book, whenever I see him hunched over on television, using a walker going into court I think he is nothing more than a worthless piece of shit that did not value himself enough to value other women.

Honestly, I picked this book up because I thought there would be Matt Lauer dirt in it.

I have been an avid NBC (NY Channel 4) watcher for YEARS. And Matt Lauer was a stable for the channel and the morning programming. I remember when it was Matt and Katie Couric. I remember when Couric stepped away from the show (I believe to take care of her sick husband) and Ann Curry stepped in and how explosive that relationship was. It was difficult to watch Lauer and Curry on camera; you could tell that they were not friends off camera. They probably hated each other. I firmly believe that Lauer got Curry kicked off the show. But I continued to watch the TODAY Show every day FOR YEARS after. And then the news broke. The news that Matt Lauer was no longer with the company because of a sexual assault complaint. One day he was there, the next day he wasn’t. As his story unfolded seemed more and more unbelievable.

Eventually, Catch and Kill touched on the Lauer allegations. And it was disgusting. Again, I believe that women need to hold themselves accountable for their behavior as much as men need to not take advantage of women. But what he did to some of these women is unbelievable. Personally, I thought Lauer was a good looking (older) man (especially during no-shave-November)…. why would he feel he needed to push himself on women like that.

Back to Farrow. HE WAS ON THE TODAY SHOW. 🤯 That is where I knew his voice from. It took me awhile to make the connection but once I did, I could see his face. Instantly, I wondered why I had not seen him in so long. Eventually I made the connection…

He was no longer on the show because of the investigation in Weinstein that he was doing. Along the way several people tried to deter him, including Lauer. At first is was allowed. Then suddenly, I have to imagine because he got too close – it all had to stop.

As I stated earlier, this idea that power men in powerful positions do some fucked up things basically because they can…. it is really nothing new. But I have to applaud Farrow for keeping with the story. For not letting anyone deter him. For believing these women and making sure their stories were heard.

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