Another post about how I dislike Facebook

I feel like if I am not talking about books on here I am talking about my disdain for Facebook. And while talking to a co-worker today I realized what it is about Facebook I can’t stand… people talking out their ass without knowing the whole story.

We were talking about a local trial and case that has been in the news. Said co-worker was saying how it was all over her Facebook; all these people were making comments…. without knowing the whole story. At that moment I said, THAT is why I don’t do Facebook like that. For that same reason, I don’t follow most stories in the news. As a consumer, I am only getting part of the story. A part of the story that someone else is deciding to edit and tell me, us, the consumers. And I don’t know about you, I do not want someone else deciding what I should know and not know. So my default is…. not knowing.

I know that sounds very ignorant but honestly, I don’t care.

It’s easy to twist the narrative in your favor. It is easy to post the perfect pictures of your kids, or you and your husband on an amazing vacation.

Me? I want to know both sides. I love seeing the happy moments, but I would also want to see or know about the reality.

I think I am the same person… online as I am offline. I feel like I am at least. But lord, don’t let me post anything outside of rainbows and butterflies…. the comments I get; it’s as if these people don’t actually know me. I wouldn’t say anything online that I wouldn’t say offline.

If I am not going to know the whole story, I don’t want to know any of the story.

I don’t need to spend time on a platform where people are talking about things they themselves don’t know the whole story about either.

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