I am not the Mother who survives on Coffee and Wine

Do not get me wrong, trust me, I used to be. Maybe I should change the title to I am NO LONGER the Mother who survives on Coffee and Wine.

I am 35 years old. If I have more than one cup of coffee in a day I feel like shit. I get a headache, I am nauseous. And if by some miracle that doesn’t happen, I am WIDE AWAKE well past the time I typically go to bed and have a hard time sleeping. Wine? Should I have more than one glass of wine, or if I have the one glass of wine too close to when I go to bed I am WIDE AWAKE at 130-2A on the dot, without fail.

Once upon a time I used to buy a larger bottle of wine and finish it in a few days. Now, it takes me weeks to finish a bottle, most nights I can barely finish the glass I pour.

Coffee, it just a part of my morning habit. It is not something I feel I need, but it is something that tastes good with my breakfast. I remember when my kids used to call me the Hulk because I was in a mood until I had my coffee. When really, it was just a part of my morning routine.

Coffee and wine were so ingrained into who I was that people would give me gifts referencing my love for wine and/or wine. But I really didn’t love either one of those things. They were my coping mechanisms for a tougher time in my life.

I am not sure when things changed. I was never a big coffee person; I am actually pretty particular with my coffee – I’d prefer to make my own then buy coffee out. I probably did not even even start drinking coffee until my late 20s. I was strictly a morning tea drinker before that.

All of this goes along with that saying that you don’t need alcohol to have a good time. We’ve been trained as adults, women, and mothers that we need these things to get from point A in the morning to point B in the evening.

This is not me talking down to anyone who is at a point in their life where they feel like need these things right now. I remember when someone, a mother, told me she didn’t NEED to drink to get through her day. She made me feel like shit. Good for you I thought, but everyone has a vice. Everyone has SOMETHING that gets them through their day. Everyone has something that gets them going and winds them down.

If you’re at the point in your life where you need three cups of coffee in a day to get you through it. Enjoy your coffee. If it is the end of a long day of work, or screaming kids, or both, enjoy your wine. Just know that it is okay when the tides change and your body is telling you you no longer need those things. But please do me one favor, don’t stop sending me wine memes – a lot of those shits are point on.

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