I know a lot of people my age lost a legend this weekend. And while yes, it was sad, what my mind cannot let go of is the fact that the world also lost his 13-year old daughter.

When I got the text from my mother yesterday afternoon saying that “Kobe Bryant died” I at first did not believe it. A quick google search while I was waiting for my deli order to be completed showed that it was true, Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter accident. Tragic. What was most surprising was to find out that he was only 41. He was a year older than my husband. And honestly, I thought he was much older because growing up I would think that Kobe Bryant was the Michael Jordan of my generation.

Celebrities passing always brings an influx of social media posts across all platforms. And I would like to think it sends a gentle reminder to people that life is short – even for those that seem to “have it all”. People spend so much of their time working and trying to “get ahead” I feel like they don’t ever stop and appreciate the things that they have right now. You can’t take the money, the cars, the houses or the boats with you when you’re gone. And all that shit doesn’t mean anything to the people you leave behind. Tomorrow, or even later today, is not promised to anyone so we should all spend the time we have here in better ways. In the back of my mind, I send my kids off to school every day knowing that it is is very possible that they won’t make it home or that I won’t make it home – so I make sure that when either of us leave the house, they know that I love them. Being that we as parents are not supposed to outlive our kids, I cannot imagine how Kobe Bryant’s wife is feeling right now.

Mrs Bryant not only lost her husband of 20 years, which is tragic enough, but she also lost her 13-year old baby. The world lost someone that had yet to become her full self; someone that I am sure would have been loved and admired by so many. Her loss is the definition of a life cut too short. Remember what is was like being 13. The things you looked forward to. I look at my kids, 12 and 14 and hear the things they cannot wait to happen… for my 12 year old it is a phone, for my 14 year old it is to drive. The only saving grace to this tragedy is that she had her father with her by her side in her last moments of life.

The world is acknowledging the loss of Kobe, and his daughter but is forgetting that there are seven other people that were on that plane. I believe there were other children on that plane. Tragedies and accidents happen every day to everyday people. Let’s not forget those lives, just as important, that were lost and cut short. This morning I listened to a husband talk about his wife that he lost on that flight. It almost brought me to tears. To hear him try and understand how he was going to continue on with his children, without their mother.

Say your goodbyes. Say your I Love Yous because you never know if it will be the last time you get to do so. Leave your loved ones each time with peace in your heart in the event you don’t get to see them again.


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