Unreadshelf Project: TBR

Earlier this month I “announced” that I would be partaking in the Unreadshelf 2020 Project.

The lovely creator of this project even went so far as to create monthly “challenges” and strategies to make the whole process just a little be easier to swallow.

For January the strategies are as follows:

  • Count your unread books
  • Book buying/library ban
  • make a top 10 TBR for the year.

In my announcement or partaking in this project I counted my books. And I have over 100 unread books on my physical bookshelf. Done.

I have failed miserably at the library ban part – I love the library.

Instead of having a top 10 unread TBR for the year I decided to do a top 12. I decided to do 12 books because that would be one unread book a month. Plus my Goodreads goal is 12 books. And honestly, I would be happy if all I read this year were the books off my shelves. And if those books were just these 12 I’d be okay with that.

There is really no rhythm or reason to this list. Most of the books I selected I purchased more recently and have not been living on my shelf as long as most of the books. These are just 12 books that caught my attention; that stuck out more than the rest of the 100-odd books. Honestly, I do not even know what most of these books are about. I do not even think I knew much about these books when I purchased them.

All that said, if I read no other books from my shelves this year… I hope I at least read these 12.

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