Today is Christmas. If you celebrate, merry christmas. If you don’t…. well, you don’t.

For the last few weeks I have heard this ongoing “debate” about whether people should tell their kids that the expensive gifts are from Santa.

At first, I was confused. Why are we to tell the kids that only the inexpensive gifts are from Santa? I found out that it is because let’s say your kid gets a PlayStation for Christmas. “They” say that when your kid goes back to school they’ll tell their friends that Santa brought them a PlayStation. And for the less fortunate kids will wonder why they themselves were not “good enough” to get a PlayStation from Santa.

This concept both makes sense, and is ridiculous all at the same time.

I get it, for the kid whose parents cannot afford to get them that high priced item – it sucks to put it on a magical jolly old man in a red suit that is said to deliver to all the boys and girls around the world. But now, after years of telling my kids to believe in Santa I have to say Santa only brings these toys – mom and dad give you these toys just because of a day on a calendar that is not even your birthday. What?! I can’t keep up with the nonsense of the internet most days.

Christmas is not that big of a deal for me (now that I am an adult). We are not religious and the consumerism of it all just makes me sick. Christmas is kind of like Valentine’s Day – it is a Hallmark holiday. When it comes to the kids, I don’t go crazy. I get them a few things they need or want (in that order) and call it a day. For me, I’d rather go crazy for their birthdays.

My thought process when it came to Christmas and “getting credit” has always been, I’ll give Santa the credit for Christmas… but the really big gifts. The must-haves. The really big wishes, have always come true for their birthdays. It sounds selfish, but I want the credit for making their wishes come true – not some made up character.

Needless to say, when I heard about all this drama around certain gifts being from Santa I could not help but roll my eyes. Why can’t each family do their own thing; do what works for them. At some point all kids will find out that Santa is mom or dad, or both. Some learn earlier than others but kids are not dumb. As parents, we try and shield them from the world. We try and keep them from understanding the hard things we are going through… but kids know. They always know. So when little Johnny does not get that VR headset this year, but his shit head friend down the street does – he knows it’s because his parents cannot afford it; not that his shit head friend down the street was better behaved this year than he was.

I understand, it can be upsetting for kids to learn these lessons but they are lessons they will have to learn at some point. And shielding them from this truth will send them into a bigger tailspin when they get older.

The whole thing is unfortunate, but we have to stop dumbing down our lives to make other people comfortable. My husband and I work really hard to give ourselves and our kids the things we need and want. So if I want to go crazy at Christmas and buy the kids all sorts of ridiculously expensive shit and say its from a jolly old man in a red suit… that is my prerogative. Personally, I think it is ludacris that amount of money people spend on their kids at Christmas time but ultimately, it’s not my problem and certainly not of my concern.

My daughter’s birthday is a week after Christmas and you better believe that big ticket item that she wanted for Christmas will be hers…. wrapped in birthday wrapping paper.

And really, do kids go to school saying “Santa got me…”, I’m pretty sure it’s just “I got….”


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