Seasonal Reading and Why I Am No Longer Doing Monthly Wrap Ups

I cannot tell you the last monthly wrap-up I did… October… MAYBE November. Which is not saying much considering it is December but either way. It feels like it has been awhile, and honestly, I hate monthly wrap ups.

I discovered this notion of “monthly wrap-ups” when I discovered Booktube around 2014 (give or take a year). I thought I read a lot, but it was amazing to see these kids (yes, I am going to call some of you kids) reading 10+ books a month. How in the actual fuck did people have that much time?! I get it – I am a working mother and wife; my time is more restricted than say a college student. I also understand some people would rather read for hours instead of watching a show or movie on television. I get ALL OF THAT.

But, I don’t read that much. Never have, probably never will. I enjoy watching television, sleeping, working out and every once and awhile have drinks with friends. So reading ten books in a month will never happen. With my current reading habits, I average about four books a month – and I am okay with that. If I am reviewing a book after I read it, does it really make sense to recap the book a week, to three weeks later? Nope.

I think some time is needed to really reflect on a stack on read books. So we will see how it goes. Maybe the whole thing will be a flop and I won’t do wrap-ups at all next year.





I’m already geared up with a bunch of books I want to read this Winter. I tend to read more in the Winter anyway, so I am looking forward to all of these that I checked out weeks ago and have been collecting dust on my end table. (Thank God for auto-renewals)

These are just SOME of the books I would like to read this Winter. I know, it’s pretty shitty of me to now show you the titles but I have noticed that once I share the books I’m interested in reading… I don’t actually read them. So… no show and tell. I also have a few audiobooks and too many books on my Kindle.

I know monthly wrap-ups are pretty popular, and a lot of people enjoy them… if you’re someone who does enjoy them – why?


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