Rachel Hollis, Beachbody and Why I Get It

This is not in response to a blog post I wrote a few months ago about Rachel Hollis, but more a follow up. But in regards to Beachbody it has always struck me a company shady as shit I just was unaware that it had an actual marketing name – MLM (multilevel marketing).

photo credit: QVC

For those non New Yorkers, or those enough not old enough to know or remember Bernie Madoff, MLMs are basically legal ponzi schemes, but more on that later….

I discovered Rachel Hollis last year and really enjoyed the words that came out of her mouth. They made sense to me and I can honestly say they empowered me – knowing that I too could be a mother and do that damn thing. But whenever I would rave about her online I would get hit with comments about how problematic she is. No explanation. Even if I wasn’t the only talking about her I found posts being anti-Rachel Hollis with no clear reasoning why. The way I saw it, if you can’t tell me why she is so awful then is she really that bad or are you just a hater.

Recently, accidentally, I stumbled across a podcast YEAH,NO,YEAH with a long ass title, Girl, We’re Not Buying It: Rachel Hollis Really Wants a Vacation House in Hawaii and Doesn’t Care How Many Fans She Scams to Get It. The description starts off all nicey-nice but quickly goes into how Hollis is in cahoots with MLM companies like Beachbody and how she portrays herself as a self starter without ever mentioning the high level job her husband held at Disney for many years. There has also been a lot of backlash with her and plagiarizing recently.

Honestly, I never thought that much about Ms Hollis. She is irritating to watch on her IG live streams and the photos she posts are so fake it makes me nauseous. Obviously I am not one of her devoted 1.5 Instagram fans, and no, nothing she says is all that original when it comes to self-help and motivation. But the package she delivers it in is a pretty one – you have to admit it.

I had no idea she had a connection with Beachbody until I listened to this podcast but now that I know that she is I am completely over her. Beachbody is such a scam and I feel bad for all the (mostly) women that try and get involved with that company. It is a road to nowhere. I’m not going to sit here and be a hypocrite though, I will admit that two years ago I subscribed to the Beachbody On-Demand program. I really liked Shaun T and his Insanity workouts and I figured it would be money better spent getting access to the entire library than to just get the one or two programs. With that, I was introduced to the 21-day fix and Autumn whatever the fuck her name is. So I got sucked down the Instagram rabbit hole of Beachbody. And god forbid you actually follow any of these accounts you instantly get a message from these people trying to sell you something. They make money when you waste yours and in order to get your money back you have to sucker someone else into their bullshit shakes – hence the ponzi scheme. And I cannot support anyone who supports that kind of mind fuck to their followers. Everyone is a Beachbody “coach” these days – I cannot imagine the stress these regular people must go to trying to find others to their expensive ass shakes to.

I respect the player, but I cannot support the game. Any woman who is trying to empower other women to do the damn thing – kudos to you. Some women genuinely find Rachel Hollis to be an awesome role model and we all need people in our lives to look up to. But a lot of people seem to hate on Rachel Hollis just because of who she is and how she fails to recognize that her struggles are actually different than the struggles of her followers. When in reality a lot of people think their problems are bigger and worse than the next person’s. A lot of people refuse to acknowledge someone else’s problems just because they are different than their own.

All I am saying at this point is that I get the haterade towards Rachel Hollis NOW. Only after randomly stumbling across a podcast dedicated to her and her inability to tell a dream from a goal. And honestly, if you’re going to tell people how problematic someone, or something is, please come at them with facts or some sort of justification.

While at this point I may not agree with her business tactics, if you still enjoy the words she says – whether they are her own or not – more power to you. It is not anyone’s place to tell you the person or things you believe in are not valid.


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