Bugs, in some form or another creep people out.

Some people are creeped out by spiders, some by centipedes. Anyone who says the idea of having these tiny, naked to eye bugs that live off your dead skin cells in your bed doesn’t not creep them out is lying to not only you, but themselves.

This book surprised me. I picked it up randomly as one of those Kindle email deals. Lesson learned, don’t sleep on those Kindle email deals.

Susan and Alex Wendt found their dream apartment. The rent was too good to the true even though it was still a stretch for their one income household. The elderly landwoman is strange. And the handyman who is just as old is just as strange. Susan is told it important to stay out of the basement – that is where the building owner’s husband killed himself.

Meanwhile, in the rest of the city there seems to be a bedbug epidemic. Bed bugs are everywhere. There are infestations in hotels and residential homes alike. And shortly after moving in, Susan is convinced their new home has bedbugs. Even though she is the only one who sees them. The couple hire an exterminator who assures they do not have any signs of bugs.

I felt for Susan. I remember when my husband and I were living in one of our first apartments and I called him frantic because there was a bat in the apartment. He still laughs at me to this day for the bat that never resurfaced. All these years later, I still know there was a bat that flew around the apartment.

Most of the book is spent with Susan trying to convince herself she is not seeing these bugs as much as she is trying to convince others that there is a problem. As the reader, you yourself are not sure whether the bugs are really there. And it is hard to read without feeling like maybe you feel something crawling up your arm or leg; or across your desk.


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