Maybe You Should Talk To Someone

If you’ve ever been to a therapist, thought about seeing a therapist or have someone in your life who sees a therapist this is a book for you.

I have thought about seeing a therapist myself on and off for the last couple of years. Just to have someone to talk to. But I always thought that a therapist was for people who had real problems, and real traumas to overcome. After listening to Maybe You Should Talk to Someone I still feel the same way but I am more understanding of what therapy is for people.

Maybe You Should Talk to Someone is a book about the author, Lori Gottlieb, who is a therapist. Her experience as a therapist. As well as her experience as a therapist, seeing a therapist.

I have always held the belief that therapist are just as messed up, if not more messed up than their patients. I was wrong, at least in this instances. Gottlieb seems like a normal woman who happens to be a mother. Surprisingly, what sent her to a therapist was when her long-term boyfriend broke up with her. I do not know about you, but you would think that something more would send a therapist to see a therapist. Gottlieb, though she be a therapist, is just like the rest of us. I am not sure why we… I… put therapist on a higher pedal-stool but we do.

If the Queen had balls she’d be the King.

We also learned about some of her clients. John was my favorite. The book opens with him and how he thinks everyone is an idiot. (raises hand) We find out that John is seeing Gottlieb behind his women’s back and regularly refers to her as his mistress. Then there is Julie, who is diagnosed with cancer and ultimately finds out she is dying. Rosie, the older woman who is remorseful about how she was a mother to her children. We also find out what it is like for a therapist to see a therapist and the outcome of her therapy sessions.

I learned a lot from these people and their stories. Lessons that I think everyone who is willing to listen can gain something from Gottlieb, her therapist and her clients.


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