What I Read in October

October was a really good reading month for me. I read four books and actually enjoyed all of them.

At the beginning of the month I finished a book I started in September, The Roanoke Girls. A story about a family who’s daughters all end up running away or killing themselves. I am glad I listened to this recommendation. It was easily one of my favorite works of fiction this year. [ FULL REVIEW ]

I also finished an audiobook on a serial killer that I started in September, American Predator. It was the story of the most famous serial killer that you never heard of Israel Keyes. [ FULL REVIEW ]

Then by chance, while watching one of my favorite YouTubers I found out Ryan Holiday, the author of The Daily Stoic came out with a new book on stillness and being happy in a distracted world, Stillness is the Key. This book reminded me that I am on the right path for myself. [ FULL REVIEW ]

Three Women was the book that had the most profound impact on me this month if not for the year. [ FULL REVIEW ]

I am not the type of reader who can start and finish all the books within the month. So while I finished these four books, I also started a few other ones that will carry me into November.


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