Three Women

Reading some of the reviews of this book on Goodreads broke my heart. Especially since a majority of those reviews were from women.

Three Women was one of those books that I saw displayed on IG on a regular over the Summer. Since it felt like it was every other post I saw on IG it must have been a BOTM (Book of the Month) selection one month. And like most hyped books, I try and read them to see if they are really all that great. I put Three Women on my library request list and some months after completely forgetting about it my hold came in. I picked up the book not expecting much, honestly, I had no idea what the book was even about. Honestly, I had no idea it was even a work of non-fiction until I got through the Prologue. And the prologue absolutely blew my mind; so much so that I had to re-read it. I could not believe the words that were on the paper; that that was the author’s mother’s truth. Ladies, could you imagine walking down a public street to work, or school, and having an old man masturbating to you WHILE WALKING BEHIND YOU. And when you go to the police, they tell you he is just a harmless old man and they are surprised he is even able to get it up. And that is just one woman’s truth. A slice of one woman’s story. It’s so absurd, it is unbelieveable.

Rape shield; when you can’t ask a rape victims about other sexual encounters. “It means you can’t prove whore is her baseline”

Three Women is just that. It is the true stories of three unassociated women; Lina, Maggie and Sloane. Lina is a housewife and mother who just wants to be kissed by her husband who states “the sensation offends” him and their marriage counselor agrees with her husband. Eventually Lina connects with a high school boyfriend. Maggie is an adult who comes to terms with the inappropriate teacher she had with a High School teacher as a teenager. And then there is Sloane, the definition of “having it all”. Sloane is a successful woman with a successful job, who is happily married to a man that enjoys watching her have sex with other men.

Casually, she said no. As if she was sleepy or there was other things she had to think about or do. She didn’t want to make him feel weird. She didn’t want him to stop liking her. He was her older brother and she looked up to him. So she said no casually and just as casually, he left.

This book was such a mind fuck. It was so unbelievable the things these women were going through but so believable at the same time. How is that even possible? As a woman, we have all been there – wanting to be loved and wanted. To seek approval from the men in our lives. To feel sexy. To be believed. So to read reviews that state this book is soft-core porn. Or that is not worth the hype it received. And that this book was about three women and their sad sex lives. I have to disagree with these statements.

This is such an important book. I don’t follow much of the news, but I cannot believe this book has not been mentioned in mainstream anything. Especially with the hashtag metoo. When you find out Lina’s story, you find out what happened to her and why she just wants a passionate kiss. As for Maggie, she was taken advantage of. And Sloane, it just proves that all that is gold does not glisten.

“You know Lina, how you don’t like the feel of the scratchy blanket Ed has on the couch? You know how it scratches you so you don’t like the feel of it? Well Ed doesn’t like to kiss you. Some people don’t like the feel of someone else’s tongue in their mouth. The sensation offends them.” For a whole week after that session Ed walked around the house smirking and when he looked at him one day and said, “Have you thought about all the stuff we talked about in therapy,” he said, “yeah, and I don’t have to do stuff I don’t wanna do. Even the therapist said it was okay.

To tell you the truth, I am the type of woman that does not necessarily believe other women very easily. Maybe it is because I see the other side, the side not portrayed on the television where women abuse the system to get back at the men that pained them. So it is not expected for someone like myself to applaud this book and it’s author Lisa Taddeo on a job well done.


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