Preparing for Chapter Two

If I could tell my 18-24 year old self that at 35 years old I would not only be going back to school I would be excited about it…. I’m pretty sure I would not believe myself.

I always wanted to go back to school after completing my Bachelor’s degree but I never knew for what. I toyed with the idea of getting a Masters in English but was not sure what I would even do with that. Then I had another kid and life became less about me and more about them. Plus, more importantly I guess you could say, was that we were in no position to be shelling out that kind of money for no reason. We still aren’t but when a new co-worker told me how she was going back to school FOR FREE I jumped at the chance.

Just trying to make conversation one day with my new co-worker I asked her if she was going to school (because the day before she made a comment about having to submit a paper by midnight). She said she was and that the Union was paying for it. I told her that was cool, our Union does not have that kind of benefit. (She had come from another civil service position in the next City over) She told me that our Union was part of a bigger Union and that is the Union that covers going back to school. I for sure did not believe her either. But sure as shit a quick Google search brought me to a page advertising exactly what she was telling me.

Apparently all I had to do was fill out that God forsaken FASA form. Which I thought was silly because I already knew I would not qualify for any Federal Assistance. But it is just apart of the process. I get it, if this school in Ohio can get any money from the government they will. I just don’t get what the school gains by having people like myself going for free.

The day I learned about this I came home and told my husband not only about it but that he would be able to take classes as well, as would the kids when they’re of age. After which he sat down with me and helped me fill out the FASFA. Which I found out a day later I screwed up because I mistyped my social by one digit.

From start to finish the whole process took about ten days which is not bad. I am still nervous I am going to get a bill for this somehow but they let me register and I am currently enrolled in one class; Social Media Marketing.


Mostly, because why the fuck now?!

Realistically, because I am starting to think about Chapter 2 of my life. Next month I will have been doing what I am doing for 13 years and my youngest child is almost 12. The kids will be out of the house and on their own before I know it and at the bare minimum in 12 years I could retire. In reality, it is more like another 20 years I could retire (I started young) but I will be 55 in 20-years. Ideally I will have a lot of life left in me. My husband has to work a few years longer than I do so I do plan on working, most likely not full-time, but I will be doing something and honestly, I do not want to be punching someone else’s clock.

By that point in my life, I want to be my own boss. I want to have my own schedule and I want to be doing something I really enjoy.

By that point in my life I would have spent almost 35-years doing something that pays the bills. I will want at least some of the years of my life doing something that I truly enjoy and puts some change in my pocket.

So, I am heading back to school.

Currently my major is Business Management with a focus in Digital & Social Media. Once I complete that I would like to take their Entrepreneurship program.

This is not a race. Like I said earlier, I am only taking one class this semester. It has been over ten years since I took college level classes. Plus some of the courses are accelerated encompassing 16 weeks worth of material into eight week sessions.

It might take me awhile as I still have other proprieties in my life right now. That is okay though. I have the time now to take my time and focus on all of the things I have going on in my life.

My kids.

My husband.

My job.

This passion project of mine.

I could not have predicted what my life was going to look like at 35 when I was 20. So I am kind of excited to see what 55 will look like. The first time I went to school is because my mother said I had to and I am currently holding two degrees in something I never even got the chance to explore.


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