What I Read in September

Nothing quite spoils a seemingly stellar reading month than ending it with a book that fell totally short for you.

I read three books in September. While I know to a lot of bookish people that does not sound like a lot. I am happy with it. My reading goal this year (2019) was to be more intentional with my reading. Which means taking my time and reading the books I want to read and not what the internet tells me I should be reading to be considering bookish.

Recursion was probably my favorite read of September. A New York City cop is investigating what the media has called False Memory Syndrome – which is causing people to go crazy with memories of events that they never actually lived. There is a neuroscientist who is trying to preserve our memories. If successful, anyone will be able to relive any special moment they have. Of course, this does not work out the way anyone expects. Instead the cop and the neuroscientist spend decades trying to correct their mistakes to get back to a present that is real. (Full Review)

Stretched Too Thin: How Working Moms Can Lose the Guilt, Work Harder & Strive. I’ve never been one big on parenting books, probably because I felt like a lot of them never really pertained to me. Most books on being a mom touch on the broad topic of motherhood only mentioning a section here or there about being a working mom and how hard it really is. There is a book that I give to any new mom I encounter; it is a book I think saved my life when I felt like I was having a hard time getting my son to sleep through the night. While I seem to encounter more new moms, than veteran moms who are open about losing their shit and trying to juggle “it all”… should I ever meet another honest mom who works, I will definitely gift her this book. I felt like the book was a combination of what I learned over the years. It is something I would have liked to have when my kids were younger and I was trying a lot hard to do all of the things. (Full Review)

The Girl Before You is where the month, reading wise, fell apart for me. I have been saying I spent the entire month of September reading this one and that is a lie. I spent a month and a half reading this! According to my Goodreads, I started this book on August 16th and did not mark it completed until September 28th. That is insane. I thought this was a book about a girl that went missing, presumed dead, while in College (or University in the book) and one of the characters swears she see’s this woman on a train some ridiculous amount of time after school. While that is all apart of the story, the synopsis of the book is that Alice (main character) has always been haunted by the women in her husband’s past but when she becomes pregnant it becomes an obsession and there is one ex she is more concerned about than the others. Which is yes, the dead girl she swears she sees on the train. I did not get the suspicious wife vibes at all – I would have never thought that was really a part of the story line. Most of the book was spent focusing on the missing girl. Overall I thought the book was too long and there were too many characters to keep up with as the reader was bouncing around in both story and timelines. (Full Review)

So far, October is off to a good start. It is a week in and I have already finished a book.


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