Intermittent Fasting | UPDATE

A few weeks ago I discovered this thing called intermittent fasting. I thought it would be a good idea and the first few days went pretty well…

I did not take into account the fact that this month I am working a rotating schedule. Which means I work a few day shifts, a day or two off, and then evening shifts. 

To be honest, it is just too hard to do on this schedule. 

Honestly, it is easy to stop eating at 8PM when you’re eating at 5-6PM and going to bed between 9-10PM. It is equally as easy to not eat until noon when you’re not up at 430-5A. I am spending more time awake than asleep.

I am not giving up. But I am taking a break. I will try this again when my schedule is back to normal in another month or two. 


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