Intermittent Fasting

For the next 30 days, I will be practicing Intermittent Fasting. Or according to the internet, IF. 

I am not entirely sure what happened over this Summer, but I am currently at my heaviest weight I have ever been.  Including when I was nine months with both of my children. And no, I do not want to share what that number is. 

For the most part, weight, like age, has always just been a number. I would look at myself in the mirror and felt okay with myself. Yeah, I had put on a large amount of weight over the years since before having my son at 98lbs. But I am older, I have definitely acquired more muscle. Then it was my husband’s smart idea to start projecting family photos onto our television when one was actually watching tv and saw recent photos of myself. I was actually pretty disgusted. I couldn’t believe that is what I looked like in the world. Then I realized I needed to suck it up and buy bigger clothing. And the straw that kind of broke me was when someone described someone as heavy-set that was just a few pounds heavier than I currently am. 

The only thing that really changed over the Summer was my inability, or lack of motivation, to work out as often as I had been.

Yes, I have a desk job – like enough thin or average weight people. But I almost always bring my own food and snacks. And I had stopped drinking soda YEARS ago. When I am home, five out of six dinners are made at home and from scratch. All of these things take a lot more time and energy but I know it is something that is better overall for my family’s health. Eating the right foods is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. So I am pretty confused about how all of this happened. For a long time, my only food/drink vice was wine. I used to easily polish off a large bottle of Barefoot wine in two days. My goal used to be to get the bottle to at least last for a week which I could never do. Since those days I can barely finish a glass of wine now. 

In years past I have been able to lose 10-15 pounds. I was pretty strict on my caloric intake but the second I started eating “normally” it all came back. Which is why I do not really believe in diets. Diets are unsustainable in the long run. And if you tell me I can’t have carbs, a glass of wine at night with dinner or go out for ice cream with my family every once and awhile – fuck you. 

Then one day, while at work, there was a segment on the news about INTERMITTENT FASTING. 

I did not watch an ounce of the segment. I just remember looking up and seeing it on the television and honestly, it quickly left my brain. Until that night, all of a sudden the term popped back into my head and I proceeded to Google the hell out of it. 

There are a lot of different ways to fast but for me, and what I have been practicing for a few days leading up to the first of the month was fasting for 16 hours and allowing myself to eat for eight hours. To make it even simpler, I stop eating at 8 PM and then don’t eat again until NOON the next day. Basically, I am skipping breakfast and forgoing on late night snacks/desserts before bed. Between the hours of noon and 8 PM though, I can eat whatever I want. Which sounds kind of crazy after spending years making it a point of eating breakfast and thinking I can only eat so many calories. But when I thought about it, I don’t remember eating breakfast or lunch prior to having my son. I really don’t remember eating all these meals a day until I got pregnant. And then after having my daughter and trying to lose weight it was beaten into my head that you have to eat every so many hours.  And eating a quarter cup of rice with my dinner is just not satisfying. 

I still don’t really get the science of it. “They” say that if you’re limiting your eating hours to only certain hours of the day you actually eat less than if you were to eat throughout the day. Day one of this, I actually ate more calories than I had been in just those eight hours so I was surprised when I stepped on the scale the next morning to discover I was a pound and a half-ish lighter. 

The first few days are the hardest I read. Which is seeming to be true. By the time noon comes around I could pretty much each anything – usually grabbing for a few chips and I then seem to be fine for a few more hours. I was pretty nervous about how I was going to feel because normally I will feel nauseous and development a nasty headache if I don’t eat. But neither happened. I have actually been feeling really good up until the moments I eat an actual meal. Once I eat a meal I will eventually feel a little sluggish. I also read that the first few days of this not to work out; I only worked out once and again I was pretty nervous about how I would feel afterward. Again, I felt fine. I never used to be able to work out on an empty stomach in the mornings. Maybe it was that my stomach was not actually empty – I was possibly still digesting food from the night before.

There are conflicting articles on whether coffee is allowed or not. I drink the coffee WITH cream AND sugar in the morning because I am not trying to be re-born. If I am feeling like I need something sweet before bed, I have some mint tea. 

As I go through my closet, trying to switch out from Summer to Fall I came across some pieces that I did not wear all Summer. Clothes that I loved the Summer before. While I do not necessarily believe in holding onto clothes as goals… I am holding onto these. Hoping this works. Hoping that next Summer I can comfortably fit into these shirts and t-shirts I love so much. 

There are supposed to me so many other benefits to intermittent fasting. But right now, I am just interested in the vanity ones.

I will check in in a few weeks to share how it is going. Wish me luck!