Dreams & Goals

One of my absolute favorite things is watching someone achieve their dreams. Not in an obnoxious look at me way. But in a way that is not publicized on social media. 

Recently a coworker, friend of mine became a Police Officer. 

I met her as a part-time Dispatcher for my department. We quickly became friends and I learned that she really wanted to be on the other side of law enforcement. She wanted to be a cop but there were several obstacles in her way when she was younger and thought it was not in the cards for her. 

Soon she became a full-time Dispatcher with the department and very low-key decided she was going to take the Police Officer test. She scored well on the test, which is only the second step in achieving this process. Then everything seemed to go by so fast. There was the agility test, then the interview and before I knew she was turning in her black polos for Academy greys. When she went into the Academy in April, telling me that the graduation was in August it felt like it was so far away. 

It is now August and I just watched her get sworn in. 

During this entire process it was not posted once online anywhere. She basically disappeared. Her co-workers, close friends and family knew what she was up to all these weeks but otherwise mum was the word. There is something to be said about achieving a dream that no one knows you are going after. 

For most people, posting online is a form of approval. We all want those likes and views and double taps. We need the validation that what we are doing is worth wild and that we look great doing it. Some of us, when we decide we are going to do something; when we are setting goals we plaster them all over the internet. 

I’m going to lose weight.

I am making a lifestyle change. 

I am going back to school.

While on the surface, there is nothing wrong with those things. Some might say it is a way to hold yourself accountable. But think about WHY you are actually doing sharing these things with the world. If it is something you are doing for yourself, do you really care whether other people support you or not? Yes, it is nice to have the support but would you do something different if you did not get the support from long lost friends on the internet.

A long time ago I read something about goals, and how you should keep them to yourself and smash the shit out of them. If you have never heard of this, google that shit. It’s a thing. 

I am aware how hypocritical this sounds coming from someone who shares her life online. But do you know my goals? Do you know what I am working towards in life. The answer is no though. You have no idea what my goals are. And no one needs to know yours. Just smash the shit out of them.


  1. I understand the sentiment, and I often have struggled with how I share my life online. I always questioned whether or not I was seeking validation. Eventually, I became more aware of what I post, and that mindfulness drastically cut down my presence online. Great post! Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Yes! I don’t think people realize when they post as much as they do that they’re seeking approval. I used to do it, but only when I took a step back did I realize what I was acting asking of people.

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