I Am Starting a Newsletter

Yep. It’s true. I think I am just that interesting to start a Newsletter. My current platforms are just EXPLODING and the next thing I am trying to conquer is the newsletter corner.

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As far as I know, I barely have any regular followers and I am sure no one will actually subscribe outside of my family and coworkers who like to poke fun. I am basically talking to myself.

The million-dollar question is WHY. It is easier to give quick and dirty updates or follow-ups on topics outside of a traditional blog format. I feel that blog posts should be longer pieces and to put so many things in one post can just be too much (IMO). And no, I do not like the one or two-sentence blog post either. Twitter is too short for regular weekly updates, and honestly, after five years I still don’t get it. Instagram should be left to images with short captions. As for FB, I am still trying to figure out how to use that Page because overall it is my least favorite platform.

I have looked into Newsletters or Campaigns as Mailchimp likes to call them. But they always seemed to be just “too much”. And, like everything else on the internet, it seemed like you needed to have thousands of subscribers in order to make it work. Honestly, I had no idea what I would even send out in a Newsletter. I am not selling anything. Then it happened, I saw someone I follow on Instagram send out a link to her newsletter and it was not done through MailChimp. It was created through a website called TinyLetter which is supposed to be a no-frills way of getting your work.

Even though it was designed and marketed as simple and straightforward, it did take some time to set up (just because I had no idea how everything would display). Everything seems to be up and going right now so if you are at all interested in more regular updates from me I’d ask you to subscribe to my weekly newsletter.

REMINDER: I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I AM DOING. But I am willing to look like an asshole to figure out what works for me.

If you have been following me for any decent amount of time this year you know what a BIG FAN I am of Gary Vaynerchuck. I am still listening to his podcasts on a somewhat regular basis (I find I am just not the target for some of his episodes). The takeaway is that if you are trying to be on the internet and tell a story, you have to really be on the internet – you have to be on all the platforms and you cannot just copy and paste. Garyvee says you just have to put out an insane amount of content on a regular basis. He says you have to DOCUMENT, NOT CREATE.

I have been online pretty much as long as the internet has been a thing. From dial-up and AOL days to MySpace and needing a college email account to be on Facebook. And I have always shared my life and interests. But what has changed over the years is the intention. In the past, I would share my life to be all look at me. Now, I want to share things to say you are not alone. To say, you could learn from this; TRY THIS.

This is me, trying to share my story, putting content out there, in another way.

If you decided to subscribe, you should expect to get an email every Friday with updates on my week and what I am reading or listening to. I can probably also promise you that every week will include one story about how my kids have suffered momentary insanity and forgot how life with their mother works. Because my kids are a HUGE part of my life and give me so much life perspective these days. I will also include a wrap up of the week’s blog pots I made.

Click the image below to subscribe to my newsletter. Thank you in advance, I am looking forward to sharing more of my story with you.







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