The Simple Wild

This is more than the story of Calla and Jonah.

24 years ago Calla was taken out of Alaska to the lower 48 by her mother. 24 years later after a rough couple of days she is contacted by a woman she does not know who tells her her father, who she has not seen in 24 years is pretty sick. Calla packs up her extensive wardrobe and heads to Alaska.

This was one of those books that was hyped all over IG/bookstagram for exactly one year to the date I finally decided to pick it up.

Because I have not had the best luck with popular books on The Gram, like most hyped books, I decided it was best I check it out from the library first. Three weeks sounds like a long time, until the due date arrives. I was enjoying the book so much I decided to bite the bullet and ordered the kindle version.

The book was pretty predictable, I can not lie.

Boy meets girl… opposites attract… all of that. Love story aside, I am pretty sure I could feel my heart actually break at times when it came to the relationship between Calla and her father.

The story overall just felt so real. During and after reading whenever I heard any kind of mention of Alaska I immediately thought of The Simple Wild. Maybe it is because I have not read many, if any, stories based in Alaska. Or maybe because the story really sticks with you.


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