Better Late Than Pregnant

For the expecting parents who have displayed the cheesy magnets, or hung the signs indicating that they prefer animals over pets, what do you do with that shit now that you’re expecting or have a human child.


I have plenty of adult couples in my life who have elected to not have children for one reason or another. I got it, I understand. I have also had couples in my life who have been trying for children but have yet to be successful (even though it blows my mind who would voluntarily chose this life).

To each their own.

For someone who has not one child, but two, to have people you are close to in your life that have on display signs that indicate children are not allowed is kind of hurtful but I get it – you are opposed to children.

The people that don’t have kids, and have no plans of having any, I get it. It’s bullshit that you have to buy gifts and attend parties for your friend’s kids.

But now that you have children of your own, what will you do with that anti-kid stuff?


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