Scheduling Content

Hi, my name is Jenna and I schedule pretty much all of my (public) content.

“Time isn’t the main thing. It’s the only thing.”

I am not sure when everything had to be LIVE and NOW when it comes to sharing on social media but I think that is where a lot of frustrations stem from. If you’re not “checking in” on Facebook somewhere, did you actually go? If you’re not posting to the ‘gram while you’re vacationing in the Bahamas, are you actually there? If you’re not talking about your kids graduation during the middle of the ceremony, did your kid really graduate? Just because you’re reading something on Tuesday does not mean that it happened on Tuesday, it could have happened on Saturday, or two Tuesdays ago.

I got over my “need” to check-in places when I dumped Facebook a few years ago. When I took my Instagram break a few months back I had nowhere to share photos of the places I was. Now, I don’t want people to know where I am at, or where I went, or what I am doing until after I am already back home on my own WiFi.

It started with this blog. When really wanted to take this hobby seriously, everything I looked up on how to have a successful blog said that you needed to post content regularly. GREAT! I have so many ideas in my head; sticky notes everywhere, don’t even get me started on the number of drafts I have written. But I just do not have the time, or the energy, to write every single day. I really struggled with this. When I would force myself in front of the computer on Wednesday evening after working all day, going to the gym, making and cleaning up a meal, I would have nothing left. So I would close the laptop and say maybe tomorrow. Then one day it dawned on me, schedule that shit. Unless it was a current event topic, it would not really matter when my entry posted, as long as I had something.

Last year my sister, who is working on her own side hustle told me about this site/app called Planoly for your Instagram posts. I tried it last year but quickly became frustrated with it. The free version allows for 30 scheduled posts a month – which is great, that is about one post day. Last year I was trying to be very strategic with what I was posting. I was trying to force myself into one niche. I could not think ahead of whatever I was actually posting on any given day. It did not work.

Fast forward to mid-June of this year. There were so many pictures I wanted to post. Personally, I am a fan of making one post a day on any given platform. I tried to utilize the draft option on Instagram but got annoyed with that pretty quickly. I would forget what I wanted to post when or I would forget what the caption was that I wrote and could only review it by opening up the post itself again. I decided to try Planoly again and it was just so easy! I could plan three or four posts with caption and hashtags all ahead of time. There is this amazing auto-post option too if you have a “business” account so I literally have to do nothing. I will get a notification that my scheduled post has posted and it is great! It is 100% set it and forget it. For example, just the other day I was grocery shopping and my watch went off saying that my post was just posted. I smiled and continued with what I was doing. There was no need to stop what I was doing in order to send the post. I enjoyed the service so much during the month of June I bit the bullet and decided to just pay for the subscription while allows for unlimited uploads for both your grid (IG profile) and stories; plus you can also upload video and gifs. The free plan is a great option too but I found myself up against the wall when I had uploaded 30 photos (the limit on the free account) but did not actually schedule 30 to post.

All I am trying to say in this post is that if you are any kind of creator; or want to have any kind of regular presence on the internet SCHEDULE YOUR CONTENT. At first I thought it seemed unauthentic to schedule your content. But I realized it was way worse to have to stop what I was doing in order to make a post about something. To take time away from something that actually needed to be done in order to post the latest book I was reading. Plus, when you schedule your posts you can make sure your content is out there when your follows are actually online and consuming content.

I am not saying you need to pay for a subscription to any of the handful of apps that allow you to auto-post your stuff. That is just what worked best for me. I hope you have the patience to deal with the DRAFTS in Instagram – save yourself some money. I would assume that if you’re a blogger you have already been scheduling your posts and I am just late to that party.


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